"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Diagnosis is in

This morning was spa day at our MOPS group. Oh did I need that! I had an incredible massage and there was a chocolate fountain, oh yeah! We also got some really nice gifts from Avon. Thanks MOPS gals for always brightening my day. While there they gave me more donations for our adoption and also a friend gave me a gift, Bringing up Boys book. THANKS! I think I will read it as soon as possible.

When we got home I got a call from the case worker. She said that Blaze was diagnosed with Trisomy 8Q2 apparently it is the rarest of rare conditions that his parents have no fault in. I hope they know that. It was a complete fluke that cells divided this way. The matter that is on the end of Chrom 5 is part of chrom 8. Thats all. His foster mom says this is great news. They went in believing our son would never talk or walk ever and came out with him having developmental delays. Can you believe that?! I am sure that when we talk to the geneticist there may be more but this is good news. The dr. said she would clear her schedule to talk with us when we arrive in Texas, such hospitality.

Our baby is not eating well and constipated. Please pray for him. If he stops eating they will have to put in a feeding tube. We do not want that. He has severe acid reflux. Personally I think doctors just like to diagnose any baby that spits as having acid reflux but in our sweet boy's case he is in a lot of pain when he eats. Please pray for him. He takes apple juice for constipation but maybe the apple juice isnt the best for acid? I dont know. I scheduled his appointment with an audiologist and geneticist at Children's Hospital. We have to schedule an appointment with his GI dr soon too. I will call them tomorrow.

We are busy doing more paperwork and Saturday is the homestudy. My house is a mess right now. Maybe I shouldnt say that on my blog. Last time I did that crazy AWFUL agency in Washington state made a huge deal out of it, yet another reason they called me unfit I bet! Lord, bless that agency, bless their stinkin socks off! I pray that when I get angry about what they did because the Bible tells us to bless those who curse us. Maybe one day I will mean that prayer. Anyways I digress. What was I even talking about? Oh homestudy, yeah Saturday. I pray and hope you all will too that she the case worker has it done by Monday and it gets signed and then we can get our date to travel!!!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Tomorrow night we will be calling our son's first mother. She is 17. Thats all we know. I am so afraid to talk to her, so nervous and intimidated. I hope and pray she likes me but more than that I pray God uses me in her life. From the time I found out about her and Noah I wanted it to be her. I had a connection and dont know why. I pray God blesses her life in a mighty way.

Thanks all you guys and gals for stinking by us and praying for us and loving us. We want to celebrate this amazing life we are about to receive and hope you all will join us. If you want to meet us at the airport you can, we will also have a party sometime in the near future.

Be blessed!!!

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