"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Saturday, November 3, 2012

What adoption means to me.

Sarie: I think adoption means when kids dont have moms and dads. Then some people adopt them. Then they have moms and dads to take care of them. The moms and dads are nice to them, and give them hugs and kisses. Adoption means I get brothers and sisters. My favorite part of having a new brother is having them home with me.

When ask what adoption means to her she said.
AJ: "Nofing!" New brothers. I like Misha and Judah and Micah. :)

What does it mean to be adopted?

AJ: Moms and Dads die and then they come to live with us.

Whats your fav part of adoption?

AJ: I like candy. (yes we know AJ) Candy! (oh I think she means the court day when we have cake and cookies)

What does adoption mean to you?
Charidy: It means getting new kids in the family. I like adopting them out of the orphanages because the orphanages are bad and mean.

What do think it means to the kids who are adopted?

Trinity interrupts: A new life. (Thanks Trin wait your turn please.)
Charidy:  Maybe they would be glad to have a mom and dad.

Do you think it is hard on them to leave the only place they ever knew?
Charidy:  Maybe. Maybe not. Well for Micah, he was happy to leave.

Whats your favorite part about adoption?
Charidy: Getting to adopt the kids and meet our brothers!

What does adoption mean to you?
Trinity: It means saving kids from starving to death and getting new brothers and sisters (she says sisters because she is hoping to get a sister with down syndrome! 8 is enough Trin 8 is enough!!!!)

What do think it means to the kids who are adopted?

Trinity interrupts: A new life, a good one. Like they will probably be happy to get out of the orphanage and be able to do things they never got to do before, being loved.

Whats your favorite part about adoption?
Trinity: Getting to meet my new siblings for the first time.

What does God say about adoption?
Trinity: That its good. I didnt really read that chapter yet. (Reminds her of James 1:27 to which I said it wrong and she corrected me. gee thanks!) To look after the orphans and widows.

What does that mean to look after them?
Trinity: You could make blankets for orphans and take them to them.

Now its Noah's turn:

So what does adoption mean to you?

Be blessed

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I dont want the hoopla. I just want Jesus!

I just want Jesus! Dang it! I just want Jesus!

What a disgrace! Where is Jesus? Where is the Holy Spirit? He's not there because He's not allowed!

Take me back to the days where I walked into a tiny building with a sheet on the wall projecting words to songs. 5 kids playing worship music and a crowd of people on their knees or face. You could feel the Holy Spirit. You could hear Him coming out of the mouths of babes. He was there because a group of teenagers didnt want to impress the masses all they wanted was to praise God. Teen girls laying hands on other girls and praying in tongues, tears flowing freely and arms raised high not because it was the cool thing to do but because they were trying so desperately to reach God. You knew as soon as you touched the door you were on Holy Ground and you respected that. Kids that came to get out of the house and goof off were soon on their faces too.

I dont want an 8 million dollar building. I dont want super awesome kids programs or cafes or bookstores! I dont want the best sound equipment or huge screens. I just want Jesus. I want to come into His presence. I want to be compelled to fall to my knees and not care who sees me. I want to meet Jesus right there. I want my kids to experience what I did when I went to youth services. The church has become extinct and now we just have these mega happy fluffy places where you go to feel good about yourself. Where your sin is good with them because no one wants to offend anyone.

My soul cant take this anymore. I feel like a fish out of water. I am gasping because the Living Water is gone and I have to get back or I will die. My soul is dying. I dont want to get to the end of my life, meet Jesus and have done it all wrong. I want life more abundantly and to me that doesnt mean riches of gold and silver. I want to draw close to Jesus. He will meet us anywhere so why do we have to have billion dollar buildings and all the hoopla?

Come Lord Jesus Come!

Be blessed