"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trisomy Awareness Month!

It is Trisomy Awareness Month!!!! Trisomy 8 is what Noah has. He has 3 copies of his 8th chromosome. A duplicate part of 8 is attached to chromosome 5 on the q arm(the long arm). His actual disorder is trisomy 8q24.(long lst of numbers I forget) Noah had a sub mucus cleft palate that God healed. He has a gtube but has not used it or 2 months thanks to God. He is currently age appropriate. He was suppose to be incompatible with lie. A vegetable at best and on Saturday he will be 2 and pretty much completely healed. Isn't God good?! And don't y'all eel a bit smarter?

Be blessed

Sunday, February 26, 2012


My husband is an amazing man of God and I am proud to be his wife.
Here is his blog http://paulbeckjr.blogspot.com/2012/02/save-whales.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

If you have a minute read it. This guy gets it. No I didnt ram my beliefs down his throat. He genuinely has a heart for the fatherless. This man is going to do great things to further the Kingdom and I am so blessed to call him mine.

Thank you Lord for my husband.

Be blessed

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Psalm 68:6

God sets the lonely in families. Psalm 68:6

I had never even heard of that verse until we started the adoption process the last time around. The verse in the adoption world means that the orphans (lonely) get mamas and daddies.

For me that verse means something different. God set me in a family. I was lonely. I had a rough start in life. A rough middle too. But God brought me thorough and I wouldn't change it because I may not be who I am today had I not been through some stuff.

Today on the way to the gym(I had huge aspirations) I was talking to God. The Spirit was moving right there in my car. I love that I serve a God who will meet me where I am. He helped me realize that I was lonely and now I have a family. He didnt set me in my kids lives He set my kids in my life. He saw how much I had always wanted a family and He did not leave me as an orphan. He came for me and gave me life more abundant. I use to think that I was the girl that would never have what others had. That love of a family. I can't change the past. But God, He is so wonderful. He gave me a family. A beautiful, lovely, wonderful at times crazy, large family!

I am so blessed.

God sets the lonely in families. Psalm 68:6

Be blessed

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I did today

So today we cleaned the garage. I am still healing so there was a lot of resting for me in between the cleaning. I also helped Sarie with her math. I bought some of those glass pebbles and flashcards and we used a plate with 4 sections. If the problem was 2+3= then the first section on the plate had 2 pebbles the second had 3 and the 3rd had 5. She was so excited!! I love that we made learning fun for her.

So then I went to the store to buy a few things for a couple more projects I have up my sleeve. I painted 2 canvas prints tonight. One for AJ and one for Sarie. Tomorrow I may do Noah's. I was thinking of making another one of Noah's and giving it to his beautiful birthmama on his birthday.

After that I blew up some balloons and Paul helped me with a project with them and yarn. It sucked. We will see how it turns out tomorrow.

Then the coup de gras. Something I could not wait to make. My jewelry holder. I got my big frame out that I used as a photo prop. Its about 3.5 ft by 4ft. It was my favorite find at Hobby Lobby. 325.00 marked down to 10. Yay! I love a good deal. Then I got a branch from a tree outside that had fallen. Paul put it all together for me and hung it on the wall. I added nails to the branch to hold my jewelry. something was missing though. As beautiful as it was I just thought something wasnt right.
Then I knew what to do. Paint it!

Perfect! I love it!

Tomorrow I need to clean the house and I am going to make lights for Trin's room.

Be blessed

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome to our Home

Pinterest is an awesome thing. I see all kinds of cool craft ideas, homeschooling tips, things to make for sensory kids or trisomy kids, decorations for our home, beautiful homes, photography ideas. Its just so cool.

Well I have decided that the things I like on there I dont just want to have sitting on a computer but I want to make them. So I started making them. For Christmas I got the idea for reindeer feet prints. We made them on canvas and hang them over the fireplace at Christmastime. I really like the hand print or feet print ideas. Well yesterday afternoon I saw a sign that I had to have. It fit our family perfectly. It said: Welcome to our happy, crazy, fun, loud home! How cool is that. I googled where to buy and a bunch of hallmark and Christian book stores came up. So I called. No one had it. Bummer. Then I got an idea. Why not make it. So I did. I like it. It suits us.

I'm gonna go look at what else I can make!!

Be blessed

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Avenley has strep. Her fever started out at 10am as 101.9 a few hours and some motrin later it was 102.7 a few hours and some more motrin later it was 103.9

Paul took her to the Quick Care and she tested positive for Strep. He went and got her Rx filled and they are home sleeping now. Please pray no one else gets it. Also that AJ isnt in pain and can feel better.

Its late but I will be blogging more about some fun stuff I have been doing.

Look at this face. She screamed whenever anyone came near her and she spit out her meds all over the nurse. Yep! Thats my child. I love her!

Be blessed

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Check it out!

Check out the fun things we are doing in the house.

I think I am nesting haha. Maybe Paul and I both are? Can men nest? Paul built my beautiful dining room table and benches. They are stunning. I will have to get a final pic up soon. Now Paul is cutting all the boards for a high chair for Noah. I am going to put it all together...or at least try. Haha

All things adoption have paused for a minute. We are waiting for some clearances to come back then we should be a go. A lot in the adoption area is going on "behind the scenes" We are open to what ever God asks of us. I can't wait to see the journey He takes us on. We have said YES and we mean it.

Be blessed


Fml. You've seen it I'm sure. Facebook status' can be known to have fml in them. I had to ask someone what it meant. I was shocked to hear it meant f#$% my life. Seriously? Then I got angry.

The people who had this on their statuses had great lives. At least from the outside. They had a house, car or way to get around, most were healthy at least for the most part, friends, family. BY all accounts they had a good life in my opinion. Why FML?
These were not the people who's children died of cancer or had been diagnosed with cancer. They aren't the ones who are trying to raise 30,000 to bring a child home from an orphanage. Or the ones whose children have died or who have traveled so long and so far for a child and in the end not get to have that child. These aren't the ones laying in a room covered in their own filth never feeling a good touch or getting a good enough meal to just survive.

This morning I woke up and looked in the mirror. I hated what I saw. Since my surgery last week and then a week stay in the hospital for an infection I have been..depressed. I am very puffy and bloated. I am sore and weak. I am in pain n feel not needed. I looked in the mirror and said out loud, "No FML! No FML! My life is good. This will not define me. My happiness is not contingent upon my image. My self worth is not contingent upon my clothes or jewelry or high heels." And I meant every word. I knew the enemy was close. He has been since the hospital. Speaking so quietly in my ear how awful my situation is, how bad my life is right now. Where is my God that I praise? My God is right here!!

I got in the car fighting myself, back and forth. A negative thought would come up and then I would try to kill that thought with something good. I got to church and could barely move. I found my seat and was so uncomfortable. The message was great though. The Spirit was there and moving. They were singing a song and since the surgery I havent been able to sing. It takes too much out of me. It hurts.

The songs lyrics were: Jesus Something special Supernatural About Your name Jesus Something happens When I mention Your name Demons have to flee when I say Jesus (Jesus)
Sickness has to heal when I say Jesus (Jesus)Every knee shall bow before And every tongue proclaim With worthy praise The matchless name of Jesus When I call upon Your name The very atmosphere will have to change We'll be transformed We'll never be the same By the power of Your Holy name.

Not only could I sing that song but with each breath that said the name of Jesus I got stronger and stronger. I walked to the alter fully expecting to be healed. The message was about praying hard and being persistent. The pastor talked about how as new believers like every prayer we pray gets answered. God parts the red sea. Then we grow in our faith and it seems like He's not parting the sea but asking me to get wet. Why? I use to think that something was wrong with me. My seas werent being parted and it was because I wasnt strong enough in my faith like I was when I first found God. Then today God showed me something different. He showed me that sometimes I need to get my feet wet. Sometimes I need to go into the river with the understanding that God wont let me drown. He's right there next to me, helping.

So if I have to go through this little blip in my life to realize that I am blessed, to feel God right here to never say FML then here I am Lord use me. And you know what saying the precious name of Jesus the very atmosphere changed. Demons fled. My heart has healed. Something happened when I called Him. Jesus Jesus Jesus. So at the end of my status it won't say FML nope it'll say PTL!!!!

Thank you Lord for showing me that its okay to get in the water. To feel the cold and wet on my feet. To have that slight fear of the unknown but to trust my Daddy so much that I push on anyways. I know the road may be long and I may get tired but I am going to follow hard after You Lord, because I know You got this.

Be blessed

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


A few days ago I got hurt and needed surgery. Today I feel like crap. I had surgery not even 3 months ago and was getting back to normal and feeling amazing! Then this happened. Now I am back to square 1. No lifting, no exercise, no driving, still in an immense amount of pain.


I am back in the hospital.

I called the doctor this morning per a nurse from our insurance company's request. She felt like maybe I should be feeling way better than I was. Well the doctor's office nurse agreed and they ask me to come in right away. I did. 3 hours later they are telling me I need to go to the hospital for a few days. Few days???!!! Seriously?
They say it is peritenitous. I guess it can be bad. I have to have 3 antibiotics through iv.

So here I sit on Trinity's 11th birthday in the hospital. I ask how long I will be here and they are not sure. Thank God for Paul. He is amazing. Everything that needs done is getting done. The kids are well taken care of. He needs a vacation after this. He bought an ice cream cake and brought the kids over to the hospital and we celebrated Trins birthday together. Noah had 3 pieces of it!! I feel bad Paul has to deal with 5 sugared up kids all by himself tonight haha.

Hope to get outta here soon. Paul has an interview on Thursday and I have no idea how we will do that with me still in here. Please pray for us. Paul's company is closing. He needs a job, we are still in the adoption process but cant finish up anything until I get outta here, pray for health for all of us and strength for Paul to get through this time as a single parent until I can get home and resume my role.

Be blessed

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun Stuff!!!

I have been on Paul for awhile now to make my dining room table. We even went to some stores to price one. Well this weekend he found some awesome plans online at ana-white.com (seriously gotta check her out!)

So we made the trip to Home Depot and Lowes. The kids had a blast, Paul was in his glory and I wasn't bored. Shock and Awe! I even got to pick out the wood. I wanted a certain look and had to find the perfect boards. So 2 hours or more later we get home to start the project.

Paul had to buy a drill because his broke and it since he wanted to start the project right away he didnt give the new one time to charge. All of the delay has been due to the drill. Currently we are sitting on the floor listening to music, looking at what to build next and blogging waiting on that blessed drill!

I can't wait to have it finished. Here is what we have so far....

Be blessed

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sensory Table

We decided to make a sensory table!

First we went to the store and got some really cool toys. We grabbed some creepy crawlers, rubix cube erasers, gears, noise makers, balls that light up and different shapes.

Next we took our water table and cleaned it out and let it dry really good. When it was ready we brought it in the house and put corn cob bedding that is all natural and safe in the table. I plan on going to the pet store and getting some bird seed to put in there as well.

Then it was time to add the toys.

So for now it is finished but I plan to buy a vinyl table cloth to stick under the table.

The kids spent the morning playing with it and in it, yes Noah sat in the table, haha. They all had a really great time playing with it. I don't mind the mess either and I know it will be better once I get the tablecloth under it. Im very happy about this and hope that all the kids will benefit from it.

Be blessed