"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

One Extra Chromosome

I use to think that only kids with down syndrome had one extra chromosome. Then we adopted a child with Trisomy 8. I realized he has one extra chromosome too. Doctors and social workers told us he would likely be a vegetable. Doctors said he would never be off of a continuous feed. It would take longer (if he ever did them at all) for him to do things like speak, walk, crawl. They said he will be severely mentally handicap. They said one day it would be time to remove his tubes and "let him go" because they had never met an adult with Trisomy 8.

Have you met my son? Is he any of that? He is nothing short of miraculous! I firmly believe that God healed him the moment we said yes.

Noah talks, crawls, sits, is taking steps assisted. He is doing bolus feeds. The last few nights he ATE! This is huge. He had bits of a lemon and tomato and then 12 bites of baby food the one day. I can't believe it. We have started to get his bolus feeds down from an hour to 45 mins. Also he hasnt vomited in over a week.

So many children living with their extra chromosome are going above and beyond what any doctor ever thought they could. It saddens me that when a doctor gives a diagnosis of Trisomy 13, 18, 21 they suggest termination. These children have every right to life the same as you and me.

So as Trisomy awareness month comes to an end I hope and pray you have learned a little bit more about our rare babies and have a different view on kids with Trisomy. If you have a diagnosis or if you know someone who has had a Trisomy diagnosis pray for them, be there for them and have hope. Hope in what our God is capable of, know that no matter what us moms who choose life for our Trisomy babies will never regret that. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I donbt know it all but will try to answer you.

I will leave you with a beautiful video made by a mom with a baby with Trisomy 18. If you look closely Noah is at the 5:15 mark.

We could not be prouder of our little man who one extra chromosome.

Be blessed

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Videos/ New Park

Here are the videos from Noahs bday party.

Today we went to a park about 20 mins or 30 away from us. It was great. There were a ton of kids that came, I think maybe 4 or 5 schools were there by the time we left. The kids noticed a little girls with braces on her legs like Noah. She was in a wheelchair. Cutest little thing, teeny. She wasnt yet 2.I told her mom I liked her dfaos and she looked at me like you know what they are? So we started talking and she took my number and gave me hers. It was nice. She had a plethora of medical info on who what where when and hows to all the hospitals and special things they have for SN families here. People sure are friendly here.

The roads didnt bother me that much today. I did get lost but we found our way back eventually, lol. Trying to get them down for a nap again and it isnt going well today. Dinner is cooking and the place is all cleaned up. Paul called from Pa and said his start date for work is April 11th. Hoping it gets moved up but God will provide.

We may go to another park after dinner. Then baths and bed. Then we start all over again tomorrow. They are going stir crazy in the house though.

Be blessed

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Someone misses his daddy

This morning we took Paul to the airport at about 630am. I brought all the kids back to our apartment and stayed there all day. Noah screamed on and off all day too. He talked to Paul which I thought would make him happy but he screamed. Then tonight he was happy and fine and playing and I gave him the phone and told him to say g'nite to his daddy and when he heard Pauls voiced he started sobbing and bawling and then screaming. I think my lil man really misses his daddy.

Now 30 mins later after talking to his dad he was still inconsolable. He never acts like this. Also he hasnt pooped for 2 days which I am sure is making him feel like ...well you know. So I gave him a total of 15cc's of apple juice. I will probably regret that tomorrow but I was desperate.

So even though I am exhausted I promised pics on the blog so pics I will deliver. I am trying for the videos but it just isnt working. Grrr. Ill try again...

We did have a great day yesterday at the Science center. We have a pass to the Childrens museum in Pgh so we got into this one for free. Yay! Gotta love a free outing. Trin, Cherry, Sarie and I saw the 4d movie and a dino spit on us. It was AWESOME!!!!

I finally got it to work but it will take til like tomorrow to upload so I will upload tomorrow.

Be blessed

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Above and Beyond

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. Eph 3:20-21 The Message

When we started looking into moving to Texas and praying about it I was worried. I wanted to know that God would bless us. I wanted to be sure that God wanted us there. This was after all a huge move, we were uprooting our lives, leaving our friends and family. Were we crazy?

After we arrived in DFW for the week to finalize Noah's adoption Paul had 3 interviews that week. The first they decided to go with someone else. As time went on I thought maybe we arent suppose to be here. Then we got the call that a job made an offer. All the paperwork was signed except for one signature. This was the only position that didnt include benefits but it would be a 50% raise from what he made in Pgh. I told him we would immediately buy insurance. We needed to stay in town a few more days to get that signature. Then Monday came and went and still no signature. We needed to book a flight home, get a moving truck, book the hotel we would be in for the next month at least and we couldnt wait much longer.

Tuesday came and we still had no call. We called and the recruiter said give him a few hours and we would know. Then we called again later and he said by the end of the day for sure. He said they were 99.5% sure but still missing one signature. They had Paul take a drug test and background check. Still I wondered, am I going to have to pack everything and everyone up and head back to Pa? I would feel better with that signature and all final. It was 5:30pm. End of business. Paul headed to the store and when he came back he said the man called.

He told me that the recruiter told him the company liked him. They liked him too much. And I thought great this is it. We go home. Then he said they dont want to give him the contract they want to offer him a permanent position with benefits!!! The only down side is this takes longer. They are literally creating a position that didnt exist just to give it to my husband. How awesome is that!

So things are not final final because they are creating this position, but they are looking great. Paul has the truck coming to our house Thursday. He flies out tomorrow to head back to cold and snow.(haha) We have a place to stay for at least a month. I bought some groceries and we are hoping to bring some of our food from Pa back with us.

We do need some prayer though. Specifically we are praying that Paul's boss back home lets him finish the project from home. This would mean that we would get a paycheck until Paul starts his new job. If not we will be without pay for about a month. I know God will supply our every need. I trust him.

Also please pray for Paul and his traveling back to Pa and he and his dad will be driving back to Texas so we would appreciate prayers for their safe travels.

One more if you can, please pray for the kids and I. I will be alone in a new city with 5 children. I dont want to leave my hotel room but we have to take Paul to the airport. Highways here are CRAZY SCARY for me. There are like 8 lanes or 12? I dunno. And they have these super high ramps. No back roads here and Im a back roads gal. So I will need some prayers. Thank you all.

When I get a chance I will post about the museum we saw today and do some pics and videos. Internet here sucks though so sorry.

Be blessed

Monday, March 21, 2011

Maybe tomorrow

God's timing is always perfect. I know this. Yet I still want everything NOW NOW NOW! We were suppose to find out today if Paul's job offer was complete and done and final. We had a plan, God laughed, we were going to get the offer today, go to the post office get a po box, get the mail forwarded, call the drs and therapists, buy a plane ticket, rent a truck and get things ready. Paul met with his recruiter and no final papers a guy was not in today for that signature. So tomorrow morning they say we should know. Blargh!

So nothing got done today we have to be out of this apartment tomorrow morning unless we pay for the month, we have to cancel the truck and risk not getting the deal or keep it and pay a 50.00 fee for canceling if this doesnt work out.

Well I am not sitting in this room all day tomorrow waiting. We are going to head to the science center or something. We have a pass from the Burgh and itll get us all in here for free. That will be nice.

Today I did try to get a schedule going again. I laid 3 and 4 down for a nap but it was a bust. We will try again tomorrow. I did manage to get some groceries. I also made dinner. Homemade italian pizza and salad. Then we headed to Nancy's so we could use the printer.

I tried to stay up for a movie but Paul and I were out within the first 30 mins, lol.

Be blessed

Help Needed in DFW area

There is a mama who needs our help here in DFW. If you are not in DFW then you can still help with prayers and donations. Click here for her story.

Be sure to read older posts too to see how you can help and where she is located. The short version of the story is a family just adopted a beautiful little girl and she is about 11 lbs and 3 years old. She was near death when she arrived at Cook's Childrens Hospital in DFW. Please pray for a complete healing for her and strength for her mama and daddy.

Be blessed

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I am exhausted so this is gonna be short. First I wanted to thank everyone who came to the party. Thank you also for the wonderful gifts. It was great seeing all of you and you all seeing how well Noah is doing.
Next, internet is such crap here in the apartment. Honestly though it is better than the hotel but still crap. Videos and such will have to wait til I can take the time to do it. We went to church and liked it. Yay! Kids loved it. Had lunch/dinner at a diner called Roma's. YUM! Then went to get ice cream, man am I gonna get fat here! Boo! After that we headed to the park to fly a kite, blow bubbles, play, meet new friends and take pictures. I was suppose to go get groceries but the kids were filthy so we headed back and I bathed them and did the laundry, cut 50 finger nails and toe nails and folded laundry. I think its the sun but I feel more energetic here. Less depressed and dreary. So I want to do more. Then I got the kids to bed, Noah screamed for an hour or so then threw up then finally fell asleep. Poor guy. Now I am blogging and working on my shoots from the other day. I am tired! I was suppose to go work off that dang ice cream but I didnt. Tomorrow morning I will.

So plan for tomorrow. See if Paul got the job, if not pack up and head home Tuesday. If he did then I need to make some calls to get Noah services, book a flight back to Pa for Paul, find a cheap rental truck because we are running low on funds, ask friends if they can help Paul move otherwise he will be packing the house and truck by himself, get a PO box, pay for a months rent here, get the Realtor to search for a house we can move into next month, Paul needs to go for a drug test and to sign papers, I need to make lists, get the mail forwarded, call the schools and doctors and find doctors here and finally get the kids back on a schedule. I am sure there is more I am forgetting. Oh and I need to Pray!! We found a truck for 99.00 a day yesterday and today they all say like 1000.00 or more, we cant afford that. Gonna trust God.

So anyways its 10pm and seems like its 4am. I need to relax, guess the pics will have to wait I am just worn out! The weather here is so amazing though.

Be blessed

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh what a day.

Today was a day like no other.

We had a lot of running to do before Noah's party. I think that was good because I couldnt over think what we were heading into. I ask for prayer not because I was afraid that they would take Noah or that I had any doubts on seeing them, but just well because prayer is good and this is a new situation. I wanted his birthmom K to feel loved and accepted and not for any of us to step on the others toes or be upset.

We pulled up to the park and there she was. K is a beautiful girl who's smile lights up a room. She has a gentle spirit and calm too, probably where Noah gets it from. I walked over to her with Noah in my arms and she smiled and I saw a small tear in her eye. She couldnt believe how good he looked. Noah met his birth great gpa too. He was smitten with Noah. They were very nice. The gpa introduced himself and shook our hands. He is a true southern gentleman. The girls kind of went off and played on the playground. People started to arrive and we said our hellos but my focus was on K and Noah. This was an amazing moment for me. I just wanted to document it all and soak it all in. I wish I had a camera crew with me. I was in awe looking at K and Noah together. The way she looked at him, the way she held him and took in every feature of his. She was cautious and careful with him just like a new mom. These moments were so powerful for me. Did he know she was the woman that gave him life? Did they realize how amazing this moment was? Am I being dramatic?

I mean this moment 30 years ago was unheard of. Birthparents gave their children up and that was it, no contact, nothing. People spend their lives searching for that missing piece of their history and here we are. I feel like K is an extension of us. She is family. I know it is taboo to say she is his mom but its true. I am his mama and she is his mother too. Without her there is no him. She is the best kind of family too, the one we chose. I am so grateful to God for putting her in our lives. I am glad she came today.

She held him and walked him and loved on him. I made sure she had some alone time with him too. She held him to blow out the candle and she opened all the presents. She deserves to be a part of this. She made a choice no one should ever have to make and self less ly she handed him to me and Paul. So just for today I handed him back. I cant get over how proud she was of him and of the toys she bought it. You could tell she took care in picking them out. They are learning toys she told us.

It is important for Noah to know her. As I was watching them I noticed how much they look alike. Some of their facial expressions were the same. They couldnt get over how he rolls his tongue and makes that Spanish noise. They are part Spanish from Spain. I hope that we can see each other again and more often. It was very hard to say good bye. I didnt want it to end. I gave her his cake and she took his candle. I thought it was sweet that she wanted it. I walked her to the car with Noah and we blew kisses and smiled. I was sad.

As I walked back I told him that he was so lucky to have two mommies that love him so much. I told him that K was his birthmom. That she carried him in her tummy and then when it was time she gave him to me and daddy. I told him she loved him so much and always will. I ask him if he liked her and he shook his head yes. I said I like her too. It reminded me of the end of Like Dandelion Dust when they say, "Tell him he has two mothers. One who loved him so much she couldnt let him go and one who loved him so much she had too."

Because we have very crappy internet here tomorrow I will post videos and pictures.

Be blessed

Friday, March 18, 2011

Adoption Day!

It's Official! Noah is ours!!

We got to the courthouse a little after noon. We took all our stuff and put it in the bin and shoes off and belts too go through the metal detector start heading to the 4th floor when a police officer tells us we are in the wrong building. LOL. So we go back outside cross the street and do it all again in another building.

It didnt take long for the tears to start. Paul and I were sitting in a room with our attorney and she was asking the questions that they would ask in court and the realization of all of this just came over me and it was beyond my control. I prayed that God would let me feel my true emotions and not be afraid and hide them. After our meeting we headed back out into the corridor. There were so many families there. I think I heard that Gladney had 13 adoptions that day. There were many many more today as well. We met a family with their first baby, 6 month old Mackenzie. We wished them a happy adoption day then we all headed into court. The first child to be adopted had about 35 to 45 people there with him. Everyone was hootn' n hollern'. The judge was great. We watched as family after family went before the judge and welcomed their child into his/her forever family. It was beautiful. Then it was our turn.

We called Paul's mom and my gram and put them on speaker phone during the adoption. They enjoyed that. Take a look.

Yep! Noah pulled the judges hair!! LOL

After it was over the kids got to pick a stuffed animal and have cookies and punch. How cute! They loved it. Then we headed to Razoo's to eat lunch/dinner. We went to Razoos on gotcha day with the birthparents so I wanted the kids to see that too. Then it was off to Gladney to see where it all happened that day in May. It was great walking around and learning so much about Edna Gladney and how it all started. There was a pregnant girl there starting her journey and a man who had been placed over 30 years ago searching for some answers.

Today was so different than Gotcha day. A lot less emotionally draining. Today was fun and freeing. It was a great chapter in our lives. I am glad we did this. I am glad the kids experienced it. As we were leaving the courthouse Trin said, "We should adopt again." Mike said," Why for the cookies and punch." Without missing a beat Trin said, "And the toys." :) They make me smile. Thank you all so much for the support and prayers as we have gone on this journey. Without God and everyone of you this day would not be possible. I pray you are all blessed more than you could ever imagine.

Be blessed

Forth Worth Water Gardens

In the morning we headed to Arlington to get our car seats checked. We ended up getting 5 brand new car seats for free. It is an amazing program and we are very blessed by it. After that I came back to the hotel with the kids while Paul was on his interview. When he got home we decided to get out of the room and see the water gardens. Boy are they purtty! Fort Worth Water Gardens are in downtown FW and free! Our favorite part was the water wall. It was such a nice day for it too. It was 85 and felt like August in Pa. After the gardens we headed over to get some TexMex with Nancy and Mike. It was good, way different than mexican food in Pa. The kids loved it.We are so grateful for great company.

Today we are headed to court. I'd be lying if I said I wasnt nervous. In my head I know court here is nothing like court in the Ukraine or Russia. Things are all final and it is just a formality but still I am nervous. Growing up I had bad experiences with courts. I am hoping that todays experience will help me get over my fear. After court we hope to go to Gladney and show the girls where their brother was before he was ours. I am thinking it will be a highly emotional day. Tomorrow is Noah's party and in the morning we hope to look at a house. Yay!

Be blessed Ya'll :)