"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Well my little cowgals n cowboy went to the stockyard again. This time it was in the daytime. We watched the cattle drive which was very cool. AJ said, "The cow gonna eat my binki!!!" I said No the cow is not going to eat your binki. LOL. After the cattle drive we went to ride the bull. I wanted to ride the bull so bad. Much to my surprise Sarie wanted to ride too. So me, Cherry and Sarie all rode the bull.I still can't believe that Sarie rode it. She got on, put her arm up in the arm, leaned back and had a huge smile on her face. Then the bull started moving. Her face went from blissfully unaware to terrified in seconds. Lol. She hung on though. She didnt fall off either. Then it was Cherry's turn. Same thing. It was all fun and games until the bull moves. But she hung on too. Bless her heart.

After them it was my turn! I told the guy to take it easy Im from Pittsburgh. He said, "I wont hold it against ya." Then right before he started it he said," Lets hope you ride better than Rothesburger plays." I said Hey now! lol. Then the bull started. I swear he put that thing on crazy because I'm a Steeler fan. He said," I havent even started to make it move yet." Oh Lord help me. LOL. I fell off. It was great though. People are so nice here. Kids are respectful. Its just nice.

We went to the cowboy store and bought the kids all cowboy hats. They love them. Then we headed over to the free pony rides. After that to a museum and then Paul got us some fried pickles and the kids got longhorn balloon animals. It was a great day. I had 2 shoots tonight at the Botanical gardens which is also free. It is beautiful there now, I cant wait to see it in the summer.

While I was out working the kids went and had a cook out with Paul and Nancy and Mike's family. They geocached and played at the park. Sarie got her first scraped knee. I think its pretty good to be 4 and have your first skinned knee. Shes ok now. They all love their hats. I wanna get them some cowboy boots as soon as I can. I tried on my first pair today and man were they comfy, expensive, but comfy.

Tomorrow we have the privilege of going to Arlington to pick up 5 brand new car seats. We truly are blessed. They have a program here called Safe Kids. We went and had them make sure our car seats were installed right. Well turns out that Sarie's is 6yrs expired! AJ is too tall for hers and Noah is also too tall. She said Trin should be in one because she is just a little too small but if her friends ride with us then she can put it away and Cherry is getting a new booster that is safer. How cool is that? 5 free brand new car seats. Thank God for programs like this. I had no idea they all needed ones and could in no way afford to buy them.

The weather has been amazing! So much sun. I feel great here. Man do I love Texas!

We got video of the bull but I will upload another day.

Be blessed

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