"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free Day!!!

Today is one day this week that Paul doesnt have interviews. I have to work later this evening but he doesnt so YAY! We want to do something fun with the kids today. Unfortunately the kids are having a bit of a rough time health wise. AJ got fifths disease which is a virus that then causes a rash and Trinity has it now too. Ugh! I hope it goes away soon and the others dont get it.Pray for quick healing for all kids.

There is so much fun stuff to do here and a lot of its free. The botanical gardens are free, water gardens are free. It amazes me. This week is Spring break down here so everything is pretty packed. We decided not to do a whole lot because of that. Our hope is that we move down here so we can do all that any time. We are praying Paul gets an offer today. That would be just so amazing! Nancy found us a realtor and the woman sent us a ton of listings. We only found one we really could not live without. It is really nice. When Paul saw it he immediately said, "Yep this is it!" I am hoping we can get over to see it today.

In case you havent figured it out or been told yes we are moving. Paul has to get a job first but we would live to stay here. Texas is amazing. I can't explain it but we both feel such peace here. I have more energy and am happier. The kids are so content and happy. I am sure it is the massive amounts of Vit D coming at us right now from that strange thing in the sky each day. :) Everyday the kids play basketball. When we go grocery shopping or enter any facility people acknowledge us by a friendly "Hi Yall!" People dont look at us weird and not once have I heard, " Are they ALL yours?" or "Whats wrong with your son?" Nope just friendly people minding their own business lovin life in this nice warm weather. I am sure we will come across some rude people everywhere has them, but I just feel so much better since coming down here. I really feel like this is the life our kids were meant to have. Also I feel like I can help here. I would be able to be on the gladney panel for adoption and speak about adopting special needs kids. I would be able to talk to birthmoms and take pictures of their children for them, something they can treasure forever. I hope we can stay. I will miss family and friends really I will, but I think this is right where we need to be for now.

Be blessed


  1. You will love living in Texas! I'm in Tyler, about an hour and a half from Dallas. I have 2 older adopted daughters with special needs and everyone has been so accepting and kind. We go to DFW often and people bend over backwards to accommodate our Family. Hope it all works out well for your family!

  2. Hey ya'll!!! Closer to us too! Glad you are having fun and having some much needed peace.

    Love - Kelli