"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

need a lol?

Click here to get a laugh at our 2 yr old.

Be blessed

Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm too sexy for my DFAO's

A trip to the grocery store.

This is what I hear,

"Are they all yours?" (No, I "borrow" them from people when they arent looking)

"Do you run a daycare?" (Yes, and just for fun we go on a field trip to the grocery store.)

"At least they are good, and pretty" (Well of course, we throw the ugly, bad ones back.)

and my favorite of the day

"Do you know Sue so n so?" (puzzled I say, "no." ?)
"Oh I thought you would because she told me her friend has 5 kids and I thought that was you."

YES! LOL!! I apparently am the only one in Pa with 5 children, LMBO!!!

Then laughing so hard and feeling a little better about my crap day I decide to call Paul. An older than dirt man says, "Do you talk when you drive too?"

NO OLD MAN I DRINK WHEN I DRIVE!! I just talk on the phone when I unload groceries, didnt know that was a crime.

Be blessed

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who will love me for me

I am so grateful to know I have a Daddy who loves me without condition and just the way He made me. He loves you for you too you know :)

Be blessed

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Noah's first thanksgiving was a great one. Paul made pumpkin pie and cockroah er, I mean pecan pie, from scratch, no canned anything here! Then I made an apple pie from scratxh. It was surprisingly easy. I should bake more. Paul made our traditional organic free range turkey and all the trimmings. I make the green bean casserole. Yay me! Have I mentioned how thankful I am for a husband who cooks and cooks well?! Usually we all eat at the dining room table but today we sat around the livingroom and ate together and watched Deck the Halls. I love this time of year. Between the turkey and a very tasty mommy drink I soon fell asleep. So nice! Paul's family stopped over for a little while with some interesting desserts. Then we finished up the night by watching A Christmas Story. What a great day! Hope yours was just as perfect! Be blessed.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This is truly my favorite time of year. I love the colors, the smells, the weather, the food! Every year I have so much to be thankful for. This year we have even more. We are so blessed. So blessed!

I am thankful for a husband who is on fire for God. Who loves his children, who adores his wife, who is faithful and true to me, who gives more than any person I know. Truly a man after God's own heart. I am thankful for his talents that not only pay the bills and allow us to live comfortably and to give but for the talents that save us money on store bought furniture and car repairs and house repairs. I am thankful that he loves me for me and wouldnt rather be anywhere else than where we are right now. I am thankful that he loves to cook and can do it so well, cooking I mean ;)

I am thankful for my oldest daughter. She is insanely smart and beautiful too! I am thankful for her freckles that I wish I had. I am thankful that she loves God with all her heart. I am thankful that she helps me as much as she does. She is kind and generous and loving towards everyone. I am thankful that she loves to read. I am thankful she is more like her father than like me :) I am thankful that she is turning out better than I could have ever imagined.

I am thankful for my second oldest daughter. She is so funny and smart. I am thankful that she wears her heart on her sleeve and is full of emotion. I am thankful she cares so much about others. I am thankful that she loves with her whole heart and her whole self and that she feels and shows emotion. I am thankful that she is well behaved and treats others the way she wants to be treated. I am thankful that she doesnt mind helping out and loves school.

I am thankful for our 3 year old! What a great age! I am thankful that after 2 years she finally is potty trained. I am thankful that she loves her brother so much. I am thankful that she speaks so well because she was silent so long. I am thankful that she is emotional and not afraid to cry when ever the mood hits her. I am thankful that she is so much like her name, calm and serene, shy and loving just like her daddy. I am thankful that she is so careful and cautious about everything. I am thankful that she sees life as something so cool so new so amazing and isnt afraid to share it with others.

I am thankful for our youngest daughter. I am thankful that she has so much of me in her right now. This enables her to not be bullied or hurt. I am thankful though that she does not bully and is so kind to most everyone she meets. I am thankful at how well she adjusted to not being the baby for very long. I am thankful that she shows you exactly what she is going through and how she feels the minute she feels it. I am thankful at how strong she is. I am thankful for her chunky lil face and her eyes that disappear when she smiles. I am thankful for her laugh and funny faces that seem so contagious that just can brighten up even the worst days.

I am thankful for our son. I am thankful to God for allowing us to have a son after so many daughters. I am thankful for his health. I am thankful that he has a Trisomy that does not mean he will die at birth. I am thankful for his hair, our only baby to have so much hair so soon. I am thankful for his babbling that some thought he would never do. I am thankful for his cries. He spent so long not crying not communicating and now he is showing us who he really is. I am thankful he is sensitive. I am thankful for his gtube that allows him to get nourishment he so desperately needs to thrive. I am thankful for his BIG eyes that once took up his whole face and were the reason he was tested for a disability. I am thankful for those same eyes that showed someone he may have a disability are the same eyes that people now say are the most beautiful they have ever seen. I am thankful that he loves us and has bonded so well to his father. I am thankful that he has so many people in this world that love him.

I am thankful for birthparents especially ours. I am thankful that they knew that they wanted better for their child then they could give at the moment. I am thankful that at 17 years old his first mom decided to go through with the pregnancy knowing she would not raise him. How hard would that be? I am thankful that she chose us. I am thankful that she loves him so much and feels like we are her family.

I am thankful for foster parents- first Noah's. I am thankful that he was placed with a good christian family. I am grateful her had such adoring older foster sisters. I am thankful that Noah's foster mom loved him as if he were her own flesh and blood. I am thankful that Noah's foster dad held him and loved him and treated him the same as if his wife had birthed him. I am thankful that he had such a beautiful strong fierce faithful foster mom that would not give up on him. I am thankful they never allowed him to spend a night alone in the hospital. I am thankful they never left him by himself crying, scared or hungry. I am thankful that everyday they had with Noah they gave him all of them knowing that at any moment he could be gone. I am thankful for that family that has taken us in and treats us like part of their family. I am thankful that they are exactly who Noah needed at exactly the time he needed them.

I am thankful for my foster parents that love me and took care of me when I was a teen. I am thankful that they always treated me as a child of their own and that I had a good experience in foster care because of them. I am thankful at all they taught me.

I am thankful to God. Thankful that he made me, that He loves me even at my worst. Thankful that He chose me to be the parent of such amazing children. Thankful that he gave me a son. Thankful that despite my craziness He chose me, He adopted me, he loves me. I am thankful that our God is faithful and that He always has my back.

I am thankful to all of the adoptive families that are out there. I am thankful to all the people out there that give selflessly to help others. I am thankful for all my readers. I am so thankful.

I prayed you all are as blessed as I am.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Be blessed

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There was an ad for a TV on black Friday for 98.00. That is a good deal. Do we need this TV, no. But what a great deal huh!

Klove was talking today about all the children in Africa that are starving. How a 6 month old weighed 3lbs and her mama walked 20 miles to get to a World Vision Food center. The typical American response is "There are starvin kids here so we need to take care of them first." (This is not my view by the way)

98.00 for a tv that would look great in the schoolroom.
26,000 kids die each day in this world.
25.00 given today will be quadrupled and help feed 4 kids in Africa for a month.


Black Friday is just that, black, dark. We spend thousands that day on crap that we dont need for people that dont appreciate it. We spend money that we dont really have to spend but NEED to get some amazing deals that day. What is wrong with us? Seriously!

I feel like it's not enough. The little I give isnt enough. What good am I doing? We adopted one child what about the 146,999,999 that are still out there needing homes? I have this urgency in me like I need to do more and do it now and yet I cant or wont. I am here. I can't go to Africa, I can't go to Russia, I can't go to the Ukraine right now. What can I do? Why wont more people give? Why are we so self centered? Why are there American families in Napal who have legally adopted children and our government wont let them in our country? Why are airport people being so mean when they pat people down? Why aren't more people adopting? Why aren' we helping? Why isnt it enough? I dont get it!

I will stay in on black friday and I will not buy the tv, but I doubt that will make a difference at all.

Be blessed

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another day another hospital visit.

Noah has been having some sort of shaking "spells". Yesterday the kids and I headed down for an all day trip to Children's. First at 8am Noah had an eeg. I decided to take the older 3 kids to the Mario Lemuix Sibling center so they could play and not have to be so bored. AJ and I went up to check on Noah. Poor boy was swaddled with a heavy sheet and then strapped to the table. He didnt start crying until he saw me. The room stunk so bad. I ask if it was ok to inhale they assured me it was. I tried singing and bouncing his legs nothing worked he just screamed. He wore himself out and when they begun shining the bright lights on him he fell asleep. The rest of the test was easy. During the screaming part of the test he used his defense mechanism and the room took on a new kind of odor, lol.

After the test was over I packed up the two babies and headed back to pick up the older gals. They had a blast. They made turkey sun catchers to hang in the window. All of them said they had such a good time. I am so thankful for that place. You can use it for 2 hours 1 time per day free of charge. What a blessing. We headed up to see the neurologist next.

That was where I started to lose it a little. They called us right back, I thought this is great. Then we sat in a teeny tiny room for 45 mins. Noah screamed the entire time and the girls were getting restless. I ask how much longer and they said they had paged the doctor but she was on a call. I told them I would have gladly waited in the main waiting area with computers and tvs and couches and chairs than in that tiny room. So we left and went into the waiting area. We all calmed down a little out there. When they did call us back the doctor was waiting for us. She gave us good reports on the eeg and ordered an mri with sedation. She said to video tape the "spells" and watch him closely. AJ started getting restless in her stroller and we headed out to eat lunch.

We got 3 hoagies to split among us and 3 drinks and it was 30.00!! OUCH! I was not pleased. Although I have to say the kids were being so good waiting for food. One woman said she had 4 girls and boy too but spread them out a lot better than I did, lol. She also said I looked great for having 5 kids. Well thank you! God sure does a good job in bringing the right people at the right time to make you feel better. After lunch we headed down to the main lobby to play a little and I had to talk to a guy about parking passes for some special Christmas bags we are making families who have to stay at the hospital. Then we headed up to see the Cleft Palate place to see if Noah did have cleft. We were a bit early but they got us in there.

We had to see the surgeon, the doctor, the speech therapist(dont think she likes me), the nurse and the social worker. So the nurse was nice and the doctor came in I noticed he had a cleft palate. He confirmed Noah has a sub mucus cleft and explained what that means for him and us. We never saw the surgeon guy because Noah doesnt need it repaired unless it affects his speech. The ST was telling me all about what more I need to do and how there are no excuses because we are "busy". Spoken like a true child-less person. She says we have to go to outpatient OT now on top of everything else. The social worker was nice, kind and helpful. We have to see the cleft place every 6 months.

After that Paul met us near Whole Foods so he could run in and get our organic free range turkey, a holiday tradition, and I could stay in the car with the kids. That was a huge help. Then we had to send my lens to Nikon to get fixed then home, finally!

I had some shoots to work on and then messy house had to wait I was off to bed. Before we went to bed though we just had to get a video of Noah. Hes too cute.

Be blessed

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adoption Rocks!

Adoption gave us something we never could have had - our son.

Adoption gave us more family to love- Noah's birthfamily and foster family.

Adoption gave my husband a boy :) finally!

Adoption gave my daughters a brother and a heart to follow after God's commands no matter what.

Adoption gave us compassion for the least of these.

Adoption opened my eyes and gave me strength to do things I never thought possible.

Adoption has my heart.

I praise the God who gives and takes away. I praise the God that adopted me and showed me what adoption can be.

This is what adoption looks like: A great grandma holding her first great grandson.

Be blessed

Friday, November 19, 2010

Something we all can do!

In honor of National Adoption Day we all can help. On November 3, 2010, the Ukrainian parliament voted to move forward with voting on legislation that will put a moratorium on ALL international adoptions. The bill has already passed once. Now it must be voted on one more time before it becomes LAW. I have heard the second vote will take place sometime this month.

What does this mean, no more adoptions in that country! Below is a sample letter that can be copied and pasted to your congressmen and senators. Please send a letter today!

Dear (name),

I am writing to you today regarding a VERY urgent situation. Many families in the US are currently in the process of adopting children from orphanages in Ukraine. Most of these children are older or disabled. American families adopting these children offer them what may be their only opportunity at a normal and productive life free of crime, prostitution, or institutionalization due to illnesses that are treatable in the United States. I personally know one of these families.

On November 3, 2010, the Ukrainian parliament voted to proceed with voting on legislation that would halt all international adoptions until inter-country adoption agreements are in place (see the State Dept. announcement at http://adoption.state.gov/news/ukraine.html) . At this point, all that is needed for this to become law is one more vote in Ukrainian parliament and a signature by the Ukrainian president. This could happen any day. If it does, many families and innocent children will be greatly affected. I personally know one of these families.

I am writing to you to urge you to act quickly on this matter by 1. Contacting your Ukrainian cohorts and requesting a consideration of revision of the law to allow adoptions to proceed while the agreement is being drafted (as was done in Russia) and 2. Work with your colleagues in congress to begin drafting this agreement so that it is ready to go in the event the law passes.

Thank you for your timely consideration of this urgent matter!

Be blessed

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Special Needs Adoptions

This is going to be a vent post. I hope I dont do these posts often, I just had to get it off my chest.

For months I have been advocating special needs adoptions, actually for almost a year now. I have said that kids out there labeled special needs may have minor problems and we should not chose to just adopt the healthy babies. I still believe that. BUT today I am angry and hurt. Some people chose special needs adoptions because they are the cheaper child, the quicker child. I want my beautiful china doll but dont want to wait 4-10 years so I guess I will take one with special needs but make it be something correctable or minor, maybe hearing loss , missing fingers or sight problems not BLIND heavens no. SERIOUSLY?! What is so bad about having a blind child, a deaf child, a Trisomy child, a child with down syndrome a child with cerebral palsy a child with FAS.

Do you even have a clue what you will be getting into?! You think you bring a child over with hearing loss or missing fingers and they will have nothing else? Are you that naive? You think oh I will get them hearing aides or a cochlear implant and then they will be our perfect chosen child and we would not have had to wait or pay the high costs. That sickens me. You have no idea what that child has gone through. Depending on age they could have gone through years of abuse, definitely neglect, malnutrition. Have you thought this through?! This is why there is a high disruption rate.

What do you think years of not being talked to or loved on can do to a child? What about never having enough food? You don't just starve the body but you starve the brain. I hope that your heart is really in a special needs adoption and not just the price and time.

When they told us about Noah they said they couldnt even guess what his life would be like, worst case a vegetable. We chose to proceed anyways because we felt God's calling. After praying God showed us in many signs that Noah was our son.

My point is you can bring home a child with one thing and one doctors appointments turn into 12 and next thing you know he has a feeding tube and braces on his legs and vomits everyday for months then has horrible reactions to medicine that cause massive diarrhea and diaper rashes that you've only seen in abuse cases. It costs about 4000. a month to care for Noah and I would not change my life for anything. I am not complaining. I couldnt imagine my life without him and am glad I was educated before choosing SN adoption.

I think if you go for the quickest child, the cheapest child a disruption is soon to follow when that "correctable" special need is a little more involved than you thought.

Just my honest opinion. And for the record I will always advocate for people to adopt a child with special needs. AND if you are adopting a child any child for the right reasons then I think you are awesome. I just dont want to see these kids go through anymore than they already have.

be blessed

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

He needs your prayers

I was reading up on an awesome family and today they posted about a child who needs a family. This is no ordinary child, he was born in January to a surrogate and has a twin, when the parents saw that he looked different they only took his twin leaving him in the hospital alone forever. Pry for him, advocate for him, adopt him.

Help Anton Please click and read his story watch his video and lets storm heaven for this angel.

If you try to adopt him I advise using a private attorney or try to use a different agency Kids to Adopt agency is T R O U B L E!

Be blessed

the car analogy.

the car analogy.
a young man and a young woman are out on the lawn outside of a very busy street.
the child they are both responsible for runs out into the street. at the same time the couple becomes aware that there is a car coming at a very high rate of speed. there is no chance that the child will not get hit. the car is coming much too fast.
the couple as four options.
1. they can do nothing and watch the child get hit and killed by the car. the psychological memory of this inaction burned in their minds forever.
this is abortion.
2. they can both jump out and sandwich the child between them to brace the child for the collision. if they can stay together, there is minimal injury to the child. however, there is a 80-90% chance that they will split upon impact.
this is couples that try to stay together and/or get married because of a crisis pregnancy.
3. one of the parents can jump out in front of the car by themselves. injuries to the child are more substantial.
this is single parenting.
4. one or both of the parents and run out into the street and push the child out of the way of the speeding car and into the outstretched arms of a couple on the other side of the street.
this is adoption.
however, even with adoption, the birth parents always get hit by the car.
I imagined myself in this analogy, watching this wreck happen. Paul and I were not the cause of the wreck. we are begging to be part of the solution with open arms and hearts. once Noah was pushed out of the way of the speeding car, we watched his sweet birth mother get hit by the car and his birth father turn his back and walk away.
but, what do we do?
do we take the child and run away?
do we rush to her side to try and help her?
do we call 911?
how do we help this birth mother heal?
collisions like this are happening everyday, in every state and in every neighborhood.
for every 16 adoptions there are 1,000 unwed births.
for every 17 adoptions there are 1,000 abortions.

be blessed

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yup! All Boy!

We were watching SNL with Katy Perry and when she came on Noah was glued to the TV. Paul assures me it was the music and not the gorgeous gal in the clad clothes on the screen. At one point in the song he ooo'd Lol. Such a boy.

Be blessed

Shock! and Pleading.

I was on Reece's Rainbow again today looking at all the kids that desperately need our help. I came across Warner's information and it said he had 1835.00 in his account. God is so good! That is wonderful! I was shocked. I am hoping to raise 1000. The next big fundraiser we are doing is our Santa weekend. If we sell out we should bring in at least 800.00 to go to Warner. I am so excited. The more money these kids have the greater chance a family will come forward. Are you Warner's mama or daddy?

I hope and pray that you will prayerfully consider adopting a child. On a fellow bloggers blog I remember her post about the rocking chair test. I wont ever forget it. It said: My best advice to you is to give it "the rocking chair test." Imagine that you're ninety years old, sitting on the porch and rocking in your chair as you reflect back on your life. Will you regret dong it? Pick the decision you can live with, and have no regrets in your choice. Believe in the choices you make."
~Anne Larnella Hood

When you are sitting on the porch what will you be regretting. I pray that in my life my regrets are few. I know that as hard as adoption has been, as stressful as the process is, as expensive as it is then having the child home and dealing with all that comes with a special needs child all the days where I didn't shower and gained weight because I spent weeks eating hospital food rather than home cooked meals, months of no haircuts or eyebrows waxed and days without makeup or clean clothes, and a dirty house, driving a beater because money is greater spent on children than material crap. All that in my life I will count as a blessing. I wont regret that I will regret not doing more.

Remember that scene in Schindlers List where he says "I could have got more, I could have got more. If I had made more money I could have got more. This would have gotten 10 more people" That man bought 1100 people their freedom and in the end all he could think was"I could have gotten more" I always think of that since Noah's adoption. Life is short. This is our only life and what will we do with it. Don't you feel the urgency? Please dont wait. You wont regret it. I promise you you wont. Seeing Noah playing with his sisters is bittersweet. He is home, safe and warm and has a mama to kiss his boo boos, but what about the millions in the orphanages across the world who do they have? Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. There is no greater love than than THIS that you would lay down your life for a child.

Whoever saves a life saves the world entire.-Schindler's List

Be blessed

Monday, November 15, 2010

Can I borrow a knee?

Tonight I am asking for a knee, do you have one you can spare? Noah needs us. He had a reaction to his antibiotic. He has had diarrhea non stop for about 2 weeks. We are now changing his diapers about every 30 mins through the day and several times through the night. His diaper area has a fungus from the antibiotic as well. This is what it looks like:

We now have a cream the doctor prescribed that we can apply only 2x a day, problem is that when we put it on about 15 minutes later at most he poops and we have to change his diaper and wipe him. He spends most of the day sleeping and when he isnt sleeping he is screaming. He can not get comfortable. It's heartbreaking. I don't know how to fix this, God will help. So please join with in and pray for our boy.


Thank you so much for Noah. Thank you for the miracles you have done in his life so far. I know he has a future and a hope Lord. I pray that you would take Noah's sickness away, heal his bum Lord. Touch him from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet. Take the infection out, the congestion, the diarrhea, the diaper rash and the pain from teething. I thank you for the healing that You will bring to my son. Help us Lord to have strength to care for him and get all that needs done, done. Let him be comfortable and bring him peace. Thank you for choosing me to be Noah's mommy and help me to always do what is best for him. Heal him tonight God. In Your name we pray, Amen.

Thank you all so much. I dont mean to complain I am just tired and cranky. We have dealt with a month or more of vomit everyday now this for the last 2 weeks. I know more people have it worse and if this is as bad as it ever gets we will be awesome. I hope this is not the start of a bad season. I am not use to sick kids.

Please as you pray for Noah continue to pray for the orphan crisis and it is a crisis. Today Trinity ask me what crisis meant because she was reading about it in history. I told her emergency, I am never good at definitions, but the orphan crisis is just that..an emergency. We need to be doing something more than blogging and praying about it. Like the song, if we are the body why arent his Why aren't His arms reaching
Why aren't His hands healing Why aren't His words teaching And if we are the Body Why aren't His feet going Why is His love not showing them there is a way There is a way.

Be blessed

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Biblical Feasts Parallel the Gestation Period of a Baby


There are Seven Biblical Feasts that are to be observed by the Jewish people.

From the time a child is conceived to the time he is born, there are parallels to the Biblical Feasts that God gave to the nation of Israel when they came out of Egypt.

The Bible makes it clear that every child is a gift from God. A surprising discovery recently revealed that the Biblical Feasts parallel the gestation period of a baby. It seems, once again, the Almighty hid within His Word proof of divine inspiration and a token of His love for children.

1) FEASTS: In Exodus chapter 12 we find the "Passover Feast" instituted.

It was to
begin on the fourteenth day of the first month and repeat each year thereafter. During Passover the Jews place an egg, symbolizing new life, on the Passover table.

MEDICAL FACT: On the fourteenth day of the first month the mothers egg appears.

2) FEASTS: The "Feast of Unleavened Bread" must occur the very next night, on the 15th day of the month, or the feast process will fail.

MEDICAL FACT: Fertilization of the egg must occur within 24 hours or the fertilization process will fail.

3) FEASTS: The "Feast of Firstfruits" occurs next, on the Sunday during the week of Unleavened Bread. It can be from 2-6 days after the feast of Unleavened Bread and is called the Spring Planting of Seed.

MEDICAL FACT: The fertilized egg travels down the tube at its own pace taking anywhere from 2-6 days before it implants. This is the Planting of the Egg.

4) FEASTS: “Pentecost” comes 50 days later. That is the day the Israelites confirmed their covenant as the people of God. So with us, we are not complete in Christ, until we receive His Holy Spirit.

MEDICAL FACT: On the fiftieth day, the embryo shows arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, a head, eyes, etc. Around the fiftieth day, the embryo takes on the form of a human being.

5) FEASTS: The “Festival of Trumpet” occurred on the first day of the seventh month of the year.

MEDICAL FACT: The embryo at seven months: On the first day of the seventh month, the baby’s hearing is developed. For the first time, it can hear and distinguish sounds outside the womb. Hearing/Trumpets; Coincidence? I think not!

6) FEASTS: The “Day of Atonement” is celebrated on the tenth day of the seventh month. Blood is taken into the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle.

MEDICAL FACT: On the tenth day of the seventh month the production of red blood cells is taken over by the bone marrow-the inner sanctum of the babies’ tabernacle.

7) FEASTS: The “Feast of Tabernacles” follows on the 15th day of the seventh month. Jews celebrate God breathing the breath of life into Adam.

MEDICAL FACT: By the 15th day of the seventh month the child is capable of breathing air. He or she is a developed "tabernacle" and can be born. However, to achieve maximum strength the child should continue to grow inside its mother for another 80 days. It can thereafter be born and dedicated to the Lord.

FEASTS: 80 days later is the “Feast of DEDICATION.” The Feast of Dedication is better known today as Hanukah, which just so happens to last eight days. In Jewish customs, a baby boy is circumcised on the eighth day after birth.

(Author Unknown)

Be blessed

Friday, November 12, 2010

Foolin' Around

I got my new camera today and thought I would try it out. Noah was more than willing. I also dont think I got any pictures of Noah's 1st tooth! Thats right, he cut his first tooth on his big sister's 2nd birthday. He cut his second yesterday! Yay! Weeman is growing up. Anyways Hope you enjoy these.

It's fun to stay at the....

be blessed

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Natural Child: Any child who is not artificial.
Real Parent: Any parent who is not imaginary.
Your Own Child: Any child who is not someone else's child.
Adopted Child: A natural child, with a real parent, who is all my own.
~ November is Adoption Awareness Month!!! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

He saves the Drama for his Mama

Noah has become quite the sensitive one. He has been crying at everything lately. Loud noises. Toys not working right. Mom taking said toy to get it to work. Laying him down to play. The word no, not even aimed at him. The lip comes out the eyes look like Puss from Shrek and the wailing begins. It is the cutest little thing I have ever seen. Sometimes it is a bit annoying but overall cute :)


Noah is doing relatively well. His respiratory infection is cleared but the medication is causing him diarrhea. He is also cutting his second tooth. So far so good with that one, but the diapers are really bad. He has a bit of a diaper rash. Me being (up until 5 months ago) an all girl mom did not know about some diaper things for boys. Yesterday(oh how he will love to read this at 16!) he slept in an extra long time. I think it was partly due to time change and maybe some growing, anyways...his diaper was awful. He had pooped and peed a ton and it was everywhere. Well I opened the diaper and a part of his penis was puffy and red. I was freaked out. I called Paul and he had no clue so I called a bff with boys. She eased my fears, Thank You! Today his penis and testicles were bright red so I called again, again Paul had no clue but my bff was there for me. Boys are so different. I didnt know that would happen with a diaper rash. So we have been putting stuff on it and its better.

Developmentally he seems to be doing well. The therapist are excited he is crying so much. Yay!I dunno if I am that excited, but ok. They say it is age appropriate so when he doesnt cry I say, "Noah you are being inappropriate!" lol. Noah was singing with the therapist, he mocked her la la las exactly, such a cutie. He is staying on his hands and knees longer and even tries so very very hard to crawl. He wont go from sitting to crawling or visa versa but he is doing the best he can and we are proud of him for that. We had him fitted for his braces and he should have them in a couple weeks. Paul wasnt there so I sent pictures and had him pick out the design. Noah will be getting cars, trucks and helicopters on the outside with multicolored foam, bright blue velcro with cars and trucks on them. I think they will be cute.

Anyways its late, I have a migraine and I have to pee. So, off to bed I go. I will leave you with our Christmas pic.

Be blessed

Monday, November 8, 2010

Free Photoshoot Free Warner!

Warner is our Christmas Orphan. He is about 2 years old and has down syndrome. We are trying to raise 1000.00 for his adoption. The more money he has in his account the easier it will be for his family to go get him and bring him home. We have until Dec 31st.

For every 1.00 donation you put in the chip in on the right side on this blog I will enter your name in a drawing for a free shoot(excluding weddings) from me. For every 10.00 donation you will be entered in 20 times! I work in the Pittsburgh area as a photographer in case you didnt know. Lol. My website is www.linneaslastingmemories.org If you already gave this includes you as well. If you could please email me after your donation with the amount and I will enter your name in(paulandashlee143@gmail.com). The drawing will be held Jan 1st, what a great way to enter into 2011, following God's command to help the orphan and win a free photoshoot that is good up to a year.

This will be the first of two fundraisers. The other fundraiser we will be having is we will be having Santa pictures at our home and 100% of proceeds after tithe go to Warner. Shoots will be 15 minutes long and $15.00. You can book by emailing me.

Help us raise money for this little boy so he has a chance at a future. Please. Thank you.

Be blessed

Yesterday the world spoke up for Orphans...

...today satan reacts.

Yesterday churches all over the world reached out to people to do what God has called them to do, care for the widows and orphans and today word came out from the Ukraine on suspending adoptions. If you dont see the spiritual battle going on here you really are blind.

Ukraine Adoption Notice

Bureau of Consular Affairs
Office of Children’s Issues

November 3, 2010

The Ukrainian legislature is in the process of voting on a bill that would suspend all intercountry adoptions from countries without bilateral agreements with Ukraine, including adoptions from the United States. The bill passed a first reading and vote, but must still pass a second reading and be signed into law by the president. The second reading could take place in the next few weeks. If the bill passes the second reading, it may be signed into law as early as the end of 2010. The draft bill appears to include suspension of all adoptions in progress.

The Department is will post updates as information becomes available.
Source: http://adoption.state.gov/news/ukraine.html

While I understand the reasoning (steps to becoming a Hague country), there are too many children who will have to wait for families or may never get them if this bill passes.

Let us pray.

Be blessed

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Orphan Sunday- Outta the mouths of babes.

Why are children so much smarter than adults? Why do they feel more than we do?

I have a 6 year old who wears her heart on her sleeve. She told me that she wanted to adopt at least 12 kids when she grows up maybe 20 but all like Noah. What a girl after God's own heart. I only hope I can foster that love so she grows up to be exactly how she is now. She sees Noah and all we are going through with him. Hospital stays, doctors appointments at least 3 days a week every week since we brought him home, feeding issues, stimming behaviors, therapists here 4-5 days a week, a g tube. All of that and she still wants 12 kids just like him. God Bless her.

Here a former orphan talks about being an orphan as only he a 9 year old can. I encourage you to go take a look.

Why cant we be more like them? Our children see orphans and say, "Ok, lets go get them." Yet we adults, so hardened by the world make every excuse as to why we cant. But like that little boy says, "Just ask God to help because He can help and He will."

You know we dont have to save them all. All we have to do is act and pray. If every one of us prayed for every one of them don't you think our God would act?


Thank you for loving me and putting up with my selfishness. Thank you for loving me when I mess up. God tonight I pray for the orphans Lord. Be with them. Don't let them feel fear, let them feel you God. As I look over at Noah sleeping I cant help but think of all the other kids that dont have anyone watching them sleep but You. I think about Faith or (her real name) Ksenia, who sleeps in a crib in a cold place with not enough blankets, not enough food, not enough caretakers, not enough clothes, not enough love. She is over there deaf and blind and wanting a mama and daddy. God give her a mom and dad. Heal her pain Lord. Let her family come forth and let her know the love of a mother and father, the love of a Savior. Be with all the ones who have moms and dads on their way. Let them hang in there and know they are going home soon. Be with all the ones who wait and all the ones who aged out of the system alone and afraid. Bring more adoptive parents out and let all the adoptions be paid for. Thank you for sending Your son to ransom us, Lord let our eyes be opened and our hearts be open and let us take the leap that we need to and trust you will not let us fall. Let every orphan in the world find the perfect amazing loving home and soon. In Your name I pray. Amen.

"Once our eyes are opened, we cannot pretend we do not know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows we know and holds us responsible to act."
Proverbs 24:12

Be blessed

Saturday, November 6, 2010

He loves me!

I kept thinking what can I call this blog and the other thing over and over again in my head was "He loves me". Who you ask? Well, God, of course! I had been praying for a camera. No that is not all I pray about but in my funny times I would joke with God and say, "I really want that camera." I didnt ever think I would get it or soon by any means. But God answered my prayers last night. Today as I was talking to Him, thanking Him, and it just amazes me that He cares for even the little things I dont need but want. He reminded me that when you bless others you to will be blessed. Please know I am not saying this to gloat. I am telling you that Jesus loves You and wants to bless you. He also wants us to bless others.

Did you know November is National Adoption Awareness Month? Matthew 25:35-40 says, For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me. Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’

How does that verse fit with National adoption awareness month? Well the orphan is considered a "least of these." If we are going to talk the talk then we need to walk the walk. Read your Bible and you will see what is important to God, the orphan, the widow, the fatherless, the hurting, the weak, the special, the least of these. You can give me every excuse in the book as too why you can't adopt a child, sponsor a child, help finance someone elses adoption, give homeless money or a place to stay, give a single mother a helping hand. You have kids to take care of, you have debt, you have bills, you have school, you only wanna help your "own kind"(BTW- human- is our own kind), you already helped once. Go on tell me why you cant help. I dont want to hear it and thankfully I dont have to, but what about God? What would He say to your excuses?

You know that song What if God was one of us? It is not a christian song and I dont really know it all but that line "What if God was one of us Just a slob like one of us Just a stranger on the bus Trying to make his way home." What would we do? What have we done? Because God is one of us, He is the face of the modern day widow, the single mom. He is the man standing at the red light holding a homeless sign. He is the orphan laying in a crib sedated all day losing hope. He is. Did you help the single mom or chastise her for getting herself "into trouble"? Did you give the homeless man your change or a meal or did you turn the other way saying, "He's probably faking it?" Did you go to that orphanage and hold that child, adopt that child or advocate for that child, or did you say,"I'm not called."?

So, November is national adoption awareness month what are you going to do with that?

Be blessed

To be mine for Christmas

That is what I want for my son to be mine completely, for Christmas. I wonder if I will get that?

Some of you may not know how the adoption process works. So even though legally Noah is our son we have had to wait 6 months to finalize. No this does not mean birthmom can come in and take him away. Certain things have to happen before we finalize. The first is six monthly visits from a social worker to make sure all things are good with us and Noah. We have had 5 so far. Also because Noah is special needs his caseworker wanted to make sure he got a medical card to help with all the costs associated with his care. When the final stage is done we can fly back to Texas with all our children and have our day in court where they proclaim Noah to be ours and his name is officially changed. No more calls saying, " Are you Mrs. *******?" To which I reply, "No,but I am Noah's mother." No more visits once a month and we can finally breath.

I must say though that I have not worried about finalization. I am very confident in a few things, my God, our agency and his birthmom. My God knew before I was even born that Noah was my son. Our agency dotted every i and crossed every t. They know their stuff and were so good to us, still are. Noah's birthmom knows this is what is best for Noah. She chose us for a reason and stands behind her decision.

I must say with the recent news of Grayson (and also more updates on their facebook page) it concerned some family members. We got frantic calls of people asking, "They wont take our Noah will they?" No they wont take Noah. Our trust and reliance is in God.

But to be ours wholly and completely before Christmas....oh what a gift.

Friday, November 5, 2010

8 months old?! No Way!

Noah is 8 months old. My oh my how fast they grow, huh. He is just so perfect. Let's see, what can I tell you about our Noah? He is 16lbs 6oz and 28 inches long. Yay! That means he is in the 5th % for weight and 75% for height. Noah still seems so small to me. When we brought him home he was 3 months old and 3 months delayed today Noah is 8 months old and only a little over a month delayed. What a difference!

He sits independently for several minutes at a time. He rolls over back to front and front to back. We are starting to put him on his knees to get ready to crawl and he will stay there now. After his braces we will focus on standing. Noah is very verbal. He likes to babble and "sing". He says mama and dada and nuhnuh he shakes his head yes and says nuh uh for no, lol. He hits his sisters and pulls hair :) He just got his first tooth and first cold :( He is the absolute light of my life(as well as my gals)

Tonight I did a shoot with Noah, take a look. He doesnt look bad for being sick.

Be blessed

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Answered Prayer

I love how God knows the desires of my heart and wants to give them to me. What a great daddy. I never ask God for these. I don't think I told this person that I wanted these either. But at 9pm last night I got a knock on my door and little did I know she was an answer to a prayer in my heart.

These shoes are great for kids with braces. I can put these over his braces when we get them. I was talking to Nancy yesterday and I told her they were something I wanted for him but when I went to the store they had all large sizes. I couldnt even tell her what the name of them were. I told her I would google them later and never discussed it with my friend who brought them over. I was so glad she was coming because I was giving her a dress I really liked that my youngest didnt get to wear much. Turns out she had that dress for her daughter when she was 3-6 months old and really loved it. She was excited to get it in a size her little one can wear.

God is so good isnt he. As she left vomiting ensued so please keep us in your prayers.

Be blessed