"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another day another hospital visit.

Noah has been having some sort of shaking "spells". Yesterday the kids and I headed down for an all day trip to Children's. First at 8am Noah had an eeg. I decided to take the older 3 kids to the Mario Lemuix Sibling center so they could play and not have to be so bored. AJ and I went up to check on Noah. Poor boy was swaddled with a heavy sheet and then strapped to the table. He didnt start crying until he saw me. The room stunk so bad. I ask if it was ok to inhale they assured me it was. I tried singing and bouncing his legs nothing worked he just screamed. He wore himself out and when they begun shining the bright lights on him he fell asleep. The rest of the test was easy. During the screaming part of the test he used his defense mechanism and the room took on a new kind of odor, lol.

After the test was over I packed up the two babies and headed back to pick up the older gals. They had a blast. They made turkey sun catchers to hang in the window. All of them said they had such a good time. I am so thankful for that place. You can use it for 2 hours 1 time per day free of charge. What a blessing. We headed up to see the neurologist next.

That was where I started to lose it a little. They called us right back, I thought this is great. Then we sat in a teeny tiny room for 45 mins. Noah screamed the entire time and the girls were getting restless. I ask how much longer and they said they had paged the doctor but she was on a call. I told them I would have gladly waited in the main waiting area with computers and tvs and couches and chairs than in that tiny room. So we left and went into the waiting area. We all calmed down a little out there. When they did call us back the doctor was waiting for us. She gave us good reports on the eeg and ordered an mri with sedation. She said to video tape the "spells" and watch him closely. AJ started getting restless in her stroller and we headed out to eat lunch.

We got 3 hoagies to split among us and 3 drinks and it was 30.00!! OUCH! I was not pleased. Although I have to say the kids were being so good waiting for food. One woman said she had 4 girls and boy too but spread them out a lot better than I did, lol. She also said I looked great for having 5 kids. Well thank you! God sure does a good job in bringing the right people at the right time to make you feel better. After lunch we headed down to the main lobby to play a little and I had to talk to a guy about parking passes for some special Christmas bags we are making families who have to stay at the hospital. Then we headed up to see the Cleft Palate place to see if Noah did have cleft. We were a bit early but they got us in there.

We had to see the surgeon, the doctor, the speech therapist(dont think she likes me), the nurse and the social worker. So the nurse was nice and the doctor came in I noticed he had a cleft palate. He confirmed Noah has a sub mucus cleft and explained what that means for him and us. We never saw the surgeon guy because Noah doesnt need it repaired unless it affects his speech. The ST was telling me all about what more I need to do and how there are no excuses because we are "busy". Spoken like a true child-less person. She says we have to go to outpatient OT now on top of everything else. The social worker was nice, kind and helpful. We have to see the cleft place every 6 months.

After that Paul met us near Whole Foods so he could run in and get our organic free range turkey, a holiday tradition, and I could stay in the car with the kids. That was a huge help. Then we had to send my lens to Nikon to get fixed then home, finally!

I had some shoots to work on and then messy house had to wait I was off to bed. Before we went to bed though we just had to get a video of Noah. Hes too cute.

Be blessed


  1. Someone said it looks like I am hitting Noah really hard, I assure you I am not.No babies were harmed in the making of this film :)

  2. I found your site though the "Bring the Rain" blog. The Lord bless you and your family. I have a sister with special needs. She is such a joy.

    If you do not get any answers with the MRI you might want to look at getting a MEG here is a website that will explain what a MEG is:

    The Lord Bless you and your family.