"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

training day

Noah woke up happy and bubbly. The surgeons woke us all up at 7am making their rounds. I was embarrassed because I was still in bed and in my pajamas when they came in. Every doctor and nurse that has come in here today says Noah is their favorite and doesnt even look like he had surgery yesterday. Yesterday? Was it really only yesterday? Feels like a week ago.

We had one on one training today on how to use the feeding tube. I wasnt expecting all of what they said Noah needed and broke down in tears part way through the session. I felt stupid. The woman ask if I needed her to slow down, if I didnt understand then she said, did you not know about these tubes. I shook my head no I didnt. Paul held me as I was feeling very overwhelmed and emotional. I felt like it was a death sentence for Noah. By the end of the session I felt like it was going to be the best thing for all of us.

We practiced all day on a doll with a mic-key button. I only got fake stomach juice and formula on me a few times. I felt ok touching the button and tubes on the doll but somehow I think it will be a little more difficult with Noah.

Paul left and will be back later tonight. Noah and I took a walk around a little and out to the beautiful healing garden on the roof. We went to the library and then came back and watched spongebob.

The kids are at home and they are doing well but I miss them so much. We will be here until at least Friday now and thats if everything goes really well. Tonight at 6pm Noah got his first tube feeding, first time he has eaten in 48 hours. They started with pedalite. They have him on 10cc an hour. That is very very slow. He will get 100cc and it will run from 6pm-6am. 12 hours for an ounce of water, yuck! My poor boy. Tomorrow Noah will get formula at 9am. They have a plan set out for us. He will get 4 feeds during the day and then be fed from 9pm-7am by his pump. Also anything he doesnt take by bottle during the day after 15 mins of sucking he needs put in the feeding tube and fed over 30 minutes. I really hope I can get all of this down. It is a lot. I am feeling a bit raw right now. Unfortunately raw and being bored has left me with sitting here eating all day. Yuck! Nothing even good.

Noah is doing well today. He is sleeping now and eating at the same time...weird! LOL. Thank you all for your prayers.

Be blessed

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  1. WOW Ashlee! What a ton of info to try and take in all at once! And nurses and docs talk so fast sometimes - like you already understand! I will pray so hard for you and Noah - I know that you will do just fine!