"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy Busy!

Busy isnt even the word.

I have not forgotten that yesterday was our Gotchaversary, I had a blog I planned to write but those plans fell through. We celebrated four months home with 2 jars of baby food! Thats right folks Noah ATE!!! For those of you thinking I am just a crazy new mom let me tell you, Noah doesnt eat and this is HUGE!! Those of you following our journey you know what I am talking about. I am so happy I could spit. (I have no idea where that phrase came from or even how it applies to happiness..hmmm)

Today Noah and I headed to Childrens Hospital about 630am. Big thanks to gma for coming to watch the 4 sleeping children so I didnt have to deal with cranky tired whining and my kids ;) He had a feeding study, they may have found one issue. He was diagnosed with a cleft palate...did you scroll up to look at his beautiful face to see if he had one? Apparently they can have internal clefts as well as external and yeap you guessed it Noahs is internal. After the study we got more appointments and a plan of action and another clinic to go to. When that was done we headed down to the other end of the hospital for Noah's g-tube to get cauterized. He had some graniuls growing and it needed taken care of. This was his body's way of rejecting the tube and trying to push it out. They say it was nothing we did. He did great and off we went.

At this point I was just tired not feeling rushed or anything. I went and actually got to get my hair trimmed. I came home and mommy duties resumed. I then spent the rest of the day jumping from call to call to call about Noah's insurance and why we dont have it yet and oh the mess. If he doesnt have his insurance he doesnt get his feeding tube supplies. We then got verification of the insurance we think but the place doesnt take it so we need to find another place to get the medical supplies from that take his insurance.

This brought me right up to where my husband calls...his bus was a no show! WHAT!! So the next one comes and he flagged him down and the driver refuses to pick him up he looked at my husband and shook his head no! Are you kidding me, we have church tonight and I have the gym and oh what a mess. So four buses later he is finally on one and I have to go pick him up miles from home. Kids need fed, clothed and I need to make snacks for church and get us all ready to go way earlier than planned.

So dinner.... This is where you give me the mom of the year award ;)

1 multi grain wrap
2 cheese stix
2 tbs sauce
16 pieces of pepperoni

Spray both sides with cooking spray. Put in oven on 370 for 5 mins take out and add sauce, cheese stix and pepperoni, back in oven 8-10 more min and serve.

Its good, except I have recently discovered(the hard way) that I have a dairy allergy. I didnt eat. I grabbed the kids covered in sauce, oh what a brilliant idea, threw them in the car in pjs and threw a bunch of clothes and shoes in there and went to pick up their dad. I was late. No 3 hrs at the gym for me. I dropped the gang off at church and headed to the gym for 30 mins, hey it was better than nothing. My routine is tan, pee, workout, pee, massage, leave. I skipped the tan and headed to the bathroom. Apparently I was still moving at 100 mph in my head because when I went to wipe I wasnt yet finished peeing and peed all over my hand. Perfect end to a perfect day. :)

Here are some videos of Noah enjoying his first 2 jars of baby food.

Be blessed.


  1. Great job Noah!!!!!!!!!!! He seems to love that baby food. I love how happy he looks when he is eating and the way he opens his mouth like a little bird. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Yay Noah! You are making me laugh until I cry - you pee on your hand sometimes too??? hahahahaha AND....You described what I call a home cooked meal baby!!!!