"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Friday, September 3, 2010

Half a year old! WARNING Picture Loaded!

Happy Half year birthday wee man!

Wow 6 months old. Can you believe that? My little guy has been outside in this world for 6 months. It can't be so.

This was the month that was going to be the hardest for me. The month when I knew he woulds certainly fall below way below other children his age. The month I would realize he had special needs, yet here I sit smiling and watching my baby grab his feet and chew on them.

He is such a happy baby. Noah is rolling over all over the place. I told Paul he must think he is a shark because if he stops moving he must think he would die. The kids is go go go all the time. He scoots when he is on his back using his feet only and ends up across the room from where you sat him at. He plays very nicely in his jumper and can stand it now for longer periods of time. Noah loves his bouncer and kicks and plays as long as he is in it. He loves reaching for toys and my face and smacking it. He also head butts. That could be a stimming behavior but it may just be boy behavior lol. Noah also tries to blow in our faces like we blow in his and he makes kissing noises and has definitely found his tongue. He sticks it out a lot.

I do worry now anytime he is active because the therapist have labeled it "stimming" so at time I try to apply pressure to his shoulders like they said to do or hold him and try to get him to stop. I have never had a child do this so at first it was cute now that they read into it so am I and I dont like that. I should, we should, just let the kid be a kid.

Noah is still the best sleeper around and I couldnt ask for a better baby. He barely does his fisting anymore unless he is startled. His hands are open just like all other babies.

He went to the drs today and they stuck a camera up his nose, that went over real well!(please note sarcasm) I didnt know they were going to do that. They said his voice box and adenoids and all that inside stuff looked normal. Yay! They couldnt get him to eat for all the screaming and well because he doesnt like to eat. So now he has to have another test and drink barium. That will be in a few weeks, I still have to schedule it. The hospital called and said he needs to sign in for surgery for his feeding tube, which doctors confirmed today as a must, at 6 am on Tuesday morning. Lovely. Early early day for the wee man and me.

The best thing that happened today was birthmom sent us an email. We love her so much. She is doing so well too! What an inspiration that girl is!! Anyways I hope you enjoy all the pictures I took tonight of my little 6 month old prince.

Be blessed

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  1. I love all the action shots. You capture the essence of Noah! He looks like a typical baby boy, & I love those long eyelashes! How is it that the boys always get them.