"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Still here!

You know ever since I opened a facebook account I have had nothing to blog about.

We are still in Texas. Love it here! Noah is doing fantastic! No vomit for almost 2 weeks. He continues to tolerate his feeds at about 45 mins per feed. He also is taking some bites of food orally. Praise the Lord! His therapy should start back up next week.

We spent the last few days looking at houses. The first one we saw was perfect and in our budget, Yay! We then went on to see a ton and a half more. Lol. The last one we saw was almost like the first at least on paper. We walked up to the door and a woman answered looked in disgust at me turned to the realtor and said,"OH my gosh she brought all her kids!" I cant get the tone right typing it but the pittsburgh gal in me wanted to come out and beat the s#$% outta her! Instead, I said, "Were done here!" I refused to look at a house with a prick like that in there. No effin way! Grrr! I stood in their driveway and talked to the realtor and told her the first house was way better and we loved it. We would talk more on Monday.

Well we were on our way to get groceries and she called. She said that she talked to the owner and there were a lot of people looking at that house we liked so we should put in the 100.00 app fee. If all went well we could move in by April 15th. That was all fine and dandy but we have not had a paycheck in 3 weeks. The money we have left is all we have and it isnt much. There would be no way without a signing bonus we could move in on April 15th. We need 4000. for deposits and first month rent. We told her this but she said maybe we can work something out. So we decided to take a leap and fill out the application and pay the 100.00.

So now we wait. Monday Paul should get his offer and we are praying for a signing bonus. Not just to pay for the house but to also live on for the next month we will have without pay. God will take care of us we know this. We believe it with everything in us. But....I feel so unworthy of a house like this. I feel like good things happen to other people and not me.

This would be a dream come true. Of course we would move in with no furniture for at least a month because of having to pay the truck but we have air mattresses and a card table. It would be awesome! Actually the time line would fit perfect because we are suppose to be outta the hotel by the 20th.

Please pray for our family. Specific needs.

1- pray that Paul gets his offer and he is happy with it. (on Monday)
2- Pray the paperwork goes through on the house.
3- Pray that the landlord would be favorable to us and compassionate.
4- Pray that God would bless the landlord and realtor regardless of the outcome of our situation.

Thank you all. I will update when I know something.

Be blessed

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