"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Noah's Fav Past Time

Pulling out the tubes for his gtube feedings. Oh I so cant wait to be done with that gtube! Now he doesnt pull out the actual button thank God, but it disconnect the tubes filled with the formula in them and all the formula goes all over him and his crib, his toys, EVERYTHING! So there is a rotten milk smell that fills the room and never goes away and everything is sticky and ruined. This happens almost daily. I started putting him in his chair to eat and so it minimized it except he did it with his overnight feed.

This morning on top of having formula everywhere and tubes disconnected he had horrible green snot everywhere and glassy watery eyes. This means vomit is sure to come. I hope he isnt getting sick again. I have to take him to the doctors anyway but I really dont want a sick child who vomits all over my new house.

Speaking of the doctors I have to find one who will see Noah and fill out forms for both medicaid and the medical supply company. We have insurance, technically. We just cant prove it because we dont have the card yet. Noah has insurance but it is only good in Pa. I tried the doctor who saw him before he was adopted but they refused to see him, not taking new patients. I needed to get him seen like yesterday. That is one thing I hate about moving, new doctors.

Anyways, Noah is perking up and yelling at me while I feed him organic honey almond yogurt. So maybe it was just the air conditioning that caused the snotty nose? He is eating very well today. Yesterday it was awful. He chewed on his tongue the entire time and made all the food drain from his mouth. In all honesty I was completely frustrated with him. Then last night while at the grocery store he decided to eat the cart. EWWWW. So Paul told him no and moved his mouth off of the cart. He proceeded to scream like a girl for 5 mins then took a short break to put his mouth back on the cart, got in trouble and screamed for another 5. Then he refused to look at Paul at all. LOL. He held his head down in shame and did not make eye contact the rest of the shopping trip. It was too funny. People were staring at us while he was creaming but thats ok. He i old enough to learn right from wrong. I have a feeling though he will never be or do anything wrong according to his big sisters. Lol.

Ill post pics soon just stupid internet adn too much to get done. Be blessed

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