"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Friday, April 15, 2011

Tired of this place

The hotel not Texas. Love Texas. Hate this hotel.

Things are tough right now. Emotionally, financially, they are tough. I am tired, weak and weary. I am ready to get out of bad vacation mode and get into starting my life here.

The kids dont sleep here which means I dont sleep here. It also means we are very moody and fussy. They are bouncing off the walls in here. It is beyond small. I started the other day dealing quite well with the small space. I wasnt upset about it, even today Im not frustrated with the size. I am upset that they charge a fortune to be here and then all the ants get through all my groceries and I have to throw them out costing me more money. Im mad that I have 900 pictures, yes 900, I kid you not, to go though and get out to clients very soon. I have 2 shoots coming up and if I have these shoots not done and then add the 2 new ones I will be so backed up and never find my way out.

So anyhow yeah the kids arent sleeping and I cant exercise, we are stuck in the house because of no money and gas prices being too high, ants invaded all the good food, internet doesnt work well at all and tomorrow no water. So fun. Yes I am well aware that it could be worse and honestly I do except it to get worse. It will get better though, I know that too. We have a house and as long as we can pay we can move in in 19 days. We cant get a bank account though because of terrorists. Apparently us having a lease but not occupying the house yet and the fact that our licenses say Pa that makes us terrorists and we cant get a bank account. Problem is we cant cash the checks to pay for the house or pay to get our licenses changed. So what can ya do?

Ok I am done pouting its unattractive. Im just tired and pictures calm me down, space clams me down, having alone time with my husband calms me down, exercise calms me down, taking a nice long hot bath calms me down and I cant do any of that here. I am dying just to get a few minutes of alone time, just a few.

Be blessed

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  1. Oh, I do wish I was there to help. I can empathize with you. Go with what you can access that calms you down- prayer, music, scripture. This is just another test and you will pass it with flying colors! :)