"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Friday, February 4, 2011

Will you help?

I think I briefly wrote on here about doing a fundraiser for Warner. He was our Christmas angel and is now our valentines day angel. I started getting healthy on Dec 31st. I pledge to give 1.00 per pound I lose to Warner for his adoption. The dates are from Dec 31st- Mach 14th. Will you join with and pledge as well. My starting weight was 215. Money will go into the chip-in that goes directly to Warner's bank account at Reese's Rainbow. Money is not due until after March 14th.

Will you pledge right now to donate one dollar(or what ever amount you can) per pound that I lose? I have a blog that I update everyday about the weight. I know we can come up with an excuse known to man as to why we shouldnt give or as to why I dont really need to lose weight I should just eat drink and be merry, but we are God's hands and feet and we must move. If we don't then shame on us. Please "Be the Change"

Be blessed

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