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You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gentetics, ENT, Ortho, Ped and a Blessing

All in a days work. Why did I ever feel like today was a good day to wear heels. O U C H! We started our day at the hospital for our 11am appointment at Genetics. They measured everything and I couldnt understand a word she said. After the exam she said he is going to have a lot of issues when he is older and she didnt need to see us for 2 yrs.

Well for one I dont believe he will have a lot of issues. My God is healing my son. I am not worried. I trust God knows what He is doing with Noah. I am confused about not wanting to see us for 2yrs. Seems like they could learn a lot about Trisomy 8 in ages 1, 2 and 3.

ENT was next. I thought this would be a quick in and out. They looked in his ears and his tubes were still there and all looked good. Then they tell me he has to have a hearing test. He had 3 separate hearing test today. He fell asleep during the last one. ENT says all was fantastic and we could go back in a year. Great!

Ortho was next. We got there just in a few minutes early but they took us right back. The doctor agreed that Noah's DFAO's were just about too small. So he casted him and we picked out new dfao designs. Paul was there with me and he got to see exactly how it was done. He thought it was pretty cool. We picked blue camo dfaos with black velcro with skateboarders on the velcro. I think he will look cute. He always does. The DFAOs are helping him so much. They will be what helps him walk.
We should have them in a few weeks.

The Ped was the last. This appointment was for Sarie. We have noticed some things that just have us a bit concerned. The doctor said that it was very good that we brought her in. She said Sarie was quite unique and not in a bad way. She can do multiplication like 4x3 and 6x4 and 5x6. That is amazing. The doctor said she couldnt have memorized the answers because that is not likely in a 3 yr old. If she is advanced right now at 3 the doctor said she could be doing calculus in kindergarten. Oh Lord help me! Some things we need to work on are her social skills and the doctors thinks she has OCD. What we can do now for her is get her into therapy and get a study done at the Child development Unit. They may not be able to fit us in for that until June, but we will call tomorrow. The therapy we can start soon.

So there ya have it. Nothing is really wrong with my Sarie other than the fact that she is a genius, lol!

Then we got a blessing. I have been not so good and complaining that my house is not my own. In particular my entertainment stand that my husband made for me. It is covered in toys. Sigh! Well I had wanted one of those black leather ottoman. It looks really cool and I could use it for pictures, like a prop for newborns, and it also is like a toy box too. Target had them clearanced but not enough for me to justify buying it. Then I went to Goodwill and they had them but they were more there than at Target. Side note- SHAME ON YOU GOODWILL! So anyways my friend had one and was getting another one and she gave me the old one. Oh what a blessing. I love that God knows our desires even our wants that we dont really need and He gives them to us because He wants to make us happy. I could not be happier. I love it! So it is in my living room full of toys and my entertainment stand is once again my own. Thank you BFF and Thank You God!!!

Another bit of good news is that the scope they had scheduled for May 20th for Noah is now being moved up. I have to call the dr at 7am tomorrow and we will schedule the scope. Noah will have to be put under for it so please pray for him. We have friends who have a little girl that will have this same scope Thursday so please pray for her as well. Also the doctor is listening to me. Finally a doctor who listens. I dont pretend I know what is going on but when I notice changes in my baby I report them. Noah gets congested and coughs when he has his formula. When he is on pedialite he doesnt. The doctor thinks it could be an allergy. The scope can see that and can see if he has crones or celiaics or other things. For now he wants to change the formula. We will see on Wednesday when we see him. I am glad he is considering this. The other doctor just brushed me off.

I will leave you with a laugh. While at the Peds AJ wanted Paul to take off his jacket. So at the top her lungs she yell, " U JACK OFF U JACK OFF!" She calls her jacket a jack, lol. I am sure the rest of the office just thought we were bad parents. LOL

So that was my day. A very long one but a good one. Praise God!

Be blessed

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  1. Wow your daughter sounds like a genius.I am glad to hear that the gastro is listening to you. It is always very frustrating when doctors do not listen. As far a Sarie and OCD you might want to consider getting her thyroid checked. If the thyroid is unbalance in can manifest as OCD. Praying that all goes well and you can get Noah in for the scope very soon.