"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Updates n such

So this has been a full and blessed week. Monday Paul was home so he got to go with me to 4 appointments. I blogged about that already I think.

Tuesday was my favorite. No appointments only 1 therapy. No nurse either so just me and the kids in jammies all day. Oh how I love lazy days. It was great.

Wednesday had a very early appointment so I had to get whole fam up extra early to take Paul to work then head to the doctors. Noah's GI is a wonderful doctor. The nurse got there just as we were heading back and kept the kids in the waiting room for me. I am so blessed. Just me and Noah listening to the doctor. He did puke everywhere on the way to the doctor and then his tube spilled all over my shirt but I had a change for him so it wasnt bad. The doctor changed his formula and seems to think there could be a milk soy protein allergy that Noah is suffering from. They gave us 7 free cans and told me to call the number on the box and get more free cans sent to me. The only thing I would have done differently was NOT taken the laxative last night. O U C H! Doctor said Noah has to be on continuous feeds indefinitely. That was kind of a bummer. Thankfully it was a short n sweet visit.

Thursday we will be taking Paul to work so we can go to Noah's endoscopy. The nurse will be there with us so that will be nice. They have to put him to sleep which is always concerning due to his extensive medical conditions, but our God is faithful. I trust God will bring him thru and am not worried. His scope is at 8:45am. So if you think to pray for him that would be great. We also have a friend whose child is having the same thing done the same day at the same hospital. Pray for her as well.

Friday we have an appointment for Sarie a little over an hour away. It will be a 2 hour appointment. We will have to wake up even earlier than the rest of the week and get Paul to work. Noah will be able to stay home with the nurse so that will be good. Then Trinity is having a birthday sleepover with her bff and we are going for manicures and pedicures

Saturday is basketball for 2 kids. This seems to be our most difficult day. The games are at 9 and 12. We both want to support our kids and so we go as a family. We have no nurse on the weekends which is fine by us because it is family time, but it is hard to take Noah to the games. He has to be fed continuously so that means in his car seat attached to some tubes and bags and very noticeable to the onlookers. Then we have church.

Sunday I have to shoot both morning services. The kids will rest at home as will the husband. Trin and I will be going to see Junie B Jones as part of her birthday gift. Then our fantabulous babysitter comes over and its a night out with the man that rocks my world. Just me and him, shhh dont tell Paul ;)

I will be happy when I too can rest, but am so blessed. Sarie's ped said we would have to wait until summer to get that appointment so when they said Fri I was like YES! I will take it! The scope was set for May 20th so that is great we can do it thursday. We hope and pray that the scope will tell us something. So thats what we are up to this week, we still have therapies all week too. Busy and blessed

Be blessed


  1. I so understand. Thanks for your kind words on my blog tonight. I know you DO understand! ((Hugs)) to you from a fellow weary mama. I became a "follower" tonight so I can keep better tabs on your precious family.

    Oh, and I found it very interesting how similar some of our story is ... down to the backgrounds of our blogs! :)

  2. Continuous feeds on the move...UGH! Ok, you have a small pump, right? If not, see if you can get one. Then put it in a bag, and run the tubing up the foot of his clothes or pant leg. If the pump is in a backpack on you, he can sit on your lap and very little of the tubing would be showing. Hugs to you guys! I hope the continuous feeds are making a little bit of a difference, and that between that at the new formula there will be a difference in the vomiting. Has the GI mentioned doing a nissen at all? Hugs and prayers from all of us!