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You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ask and Answered

We ask God that Noah's test today would show something. Seeing something meant we would know what we are dealing with. God answered that prayer. We are grateful to Him.

The doctor came and showed me the pictures and told me that he had some ulcers or erosion in his stomach. His best guess was infection, like mono he said. Mono? like the kissing disease? Really? He isnt my doctor, I dont know him and his eyes were very bloodshot before the procedure so he wasnt on my friends list. He said they cant know anything until the biopsies come back. They should be back in a week. He said not to do anything new until they come back. Here are what the tests say, anyone know what this means?

-erythemateous mucosa- stomach antrum

-erosion- duodenum bulb

-erosion- stomach body of the stomach

-erythemateous mucosa- stomach body of the stomach

The rest all said normal. So we saw something on the pictures, the biopsies were done, but we have to wait a week for results. The waiting is the worst. I will try to keep busy, that will not be hard, lol.

For now our boy is taking all his toys out of his bin and putting them all over the floor, lol. He needs to take it easy until tomorrow for recovery. I called Nancy and updated her. I waited until things settled down to call his birthmom, but she was at work and will call later. It has been an extremely long day. I am tired. It all starts again tomorrow with another child and even earlier than today. Lord give me strength.

Oh and please pray for my husband. He wants to get a certain position work wise and we are praying he will. It will really help our family.

Be blessed


  1. Keeping you all in my prayers friend. I cannot help but feel that the results of Noah's scope will prove valuable in his care. Praying for a good position workwise for Paul too.

  2. I have no clue what that means. I haven't even started looking up scope issues yet. Still trying to process the new diagnosis and current heart issue. I just know we will have Manny's scope done Monday 10am so we're in the same waiting boat. So sorry for this for you, for him. We'll walk it out together! I think it amazing that God connected us up at this time as we're both going through the SAME thing. Many ((Hugs)). Beth