"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Friday, December 17, 2010

An idea thanks to Klove

It is the 17th of December. The christmas tree goes away on Dec 31st but we can give all year long, so I have a plan.

Nov 1st 2009 I decided once and for all to lose some weight. I weighed 254lbs. I felt horrible. I looked horrible. I needed a change. In 10 short months I had eaten healthy and exercised 95 pounds right off of me! Yay! I swore I would never see the 200s again. Then I went on a missions trip and ate junk food for the entire time I was there. I gained 3lbs which then turned into 5. Big deal 5 lbs I lost 95 I could lose 5...then 10...then 20....then I saw the 200s again and almost died! How could I have done this to myself. I quickly got over the 200 mark and hit 215 and became miserable to be around to live with and to come near. I lost a few pounds but could not get motivated. So today I am at 208lbs and I would like to to be 168lbs heck I would like to see 199 again! Anyways, I was looking on Klove and saw Lisa Williams was raising money to help Compassion build kitchens in India by losing weight! Guess what her starting weight was? 208!!! When I read her post it was like I was reading my thoughts that someone had published. I have 2 pair of pants and maybe 3 shirts that fit. I feel awful but am just not motivated, but what motivates me? Giving. Orphans and competition. Then it hit me.

I could really become focused to lose weight if I knew that a child depended on my success or worse was not helped because of my failure. F A I L U R E. That is a word I have bee hearing a lot lately come from my mouth. I feel like in every area of my life I have failed right now. I know that it stems mostly from the weight I have gained back. I have no excuses now, the adoption is over, Paul has a job things are good.

So starting today I want to start a fundraiser for Warner. 1.00 per pound lost from today until March 17th. So that where you all come in. I obviously do not have the huge audience like Lisa Willams on KLove but that wont stop me. If I can get anyone willing to donate 1.00 per pound lost I will donate it to Warner an orphan from Russia with down syndrome. Money is not due until March 17th 2011.

I promise not to do anything dangerous like diet pills, shakes, diet foods or any of that temporary fix crap. It really doesnt work and I want to keep this weight off not gain back double. I want to lose 40lbs but in 3 months that is a lot so I will settle for losing 30lbs during this challenge.

Starting weight 208.2

So are ya in?

Be blessed


  1. Oh yea!! We are in! Good luck. We know you can do it.

  2. hey ashlee! email me at roxy [dot] rodriguez@ gmail.com - you won the giveaway on becca's blog! :)