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You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hospital Day 2

Earlier today I felt like I was going crazy. I was all alone dealing with a bunch of very opinionated doctors and was just feeling down. Right now I am finishing up dinner with my husband and celebrating a successful surgery.

Noah had a much better day today. He was taken off his feeds last night which maybe is contributing to his doing better. He saw a bunch of doctors. The first one said no more breathing treatments but didnt write it down and the breathing treatment guy came and I told him so technically I refused the meds but then the nurse said he needed them still and it is one of many things that no one can agree on.

We spoke with the doctor from the DRG and although he was nice he was passionate about giving Noah something that we do not think is best. I will leave it at that and maybe go into it more at another time since this is a public blog. He is going to be helping me so I hear from only him and not 50 of them and he will go to the other doctors and discuss. I hope this method works. I am beyond frustrated with the care or should I say lack of care my son has been receiving for the last several months.

I must say though that the nurses a a lot of the doctors here on the floor we are on are fantastic. ENT has also been wonderful through this time. Tomorrow we discuss a nissen and his feeding needs. We may have to do more tests we will see. Right now I am just going to enjoy my time with my boys while knowing my gals are safe and sound sleeping right now. Oh and I have to go do laundry too before Paul heads home. I will leave you with a few pics.
Before Surgery

After surgery

Be blessed

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