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You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the ball

I can not even begin to say how blessed we are to have Irina our attorney. Now we have only been with her a few days but already she is so amazing.

Yesterday she received our money and contract for composing a letter to go to Russia to ask if Paul and I can adopt Faith. The letter was written in Cyrillic and sent to us today to sign and fax to RUSSIA!!!! Of course we were not signing anything until we translated it. We did and it is great! Tonight we sign then off to Russia it goes. It says in the letter that they can email me directly. How cool is that? KTA(our 1st agency) made it sound like Russia was untouchable by potential adoptive parents like us. Like we would offend them if we tried to do anything ourselves. This was just a money thing I believe and a way to not check into what they were or in our case were NOT doing on our behalf. This letter should have came first not last! Anyways...wanna see...here it is:
Прокурору Псковской области

Государственному советнику юстиции 3 класса

Г-ну Кебекову Т.М.

180000, г. Псков, ул. Некрасова, 54
Граждан США:

БЕК Пола Алден, мл. и

БЕК Эшли Линни


по адресу:

126 Willow Village Drive

Pittsburgh, PA 15239 USA

Телефон: 1-412-609-3895

Электронная почта: ashleelinnea@gmail.com

Обращение по вопросу усыновления

иностранными гражданами

Уважаемый Тимур Мурадинович!
Мы граждане США, Бек Пол Алден, мл. и Бек Эшли Лини хотели бы удочерить, Давыдович Ксению (возможно написание не точное), родившуюся 5 февраля 2009 г. Нам известно, что девочка имеет серьезные проблемы здоровья (отсутствие зрение и слуха). Мы способны и готовы обеспечить всем необходимым, взять заботу о ней, стать ей любящими родителями.
Информация о ребенке (включая ее фото) размещены на сайте Министерства образования и науки РФ. Согласно вышеуказанной информации, девочка может быть удочерена.
Просим Вас сообщить, имеются ли юридические основания для удочерения вышеуказанного ребенка иностранными гражданами.
Также просим оказать содействие в усыновлении этого ребенка.
Для ускорения ответа, просим направить его по электронной почте: ashleelinnea@gmail.com

C уважением,

БЕК Пола Алден, мл. (BECK, Paul Alden)

БЕК Эшли Линни (BECK, Ashlee Linnea)

It was laid out a lot nicer but I wanted to conserve space on the blog. So, they have 30 days to get back to us to let us know if she is available. We have had to prepare ourselves in the event that our Faith is not available to us. We have decided that even though no child is replaceable we have sunk so much money into this and our hearts are after true religion and pleasing God that we will ask to adopt another child. We have no child in mind and leave that up to God. But we are still praying for Faith. We are also praying that other than deaf and blind she is healthy. I keep reading her medical report which I dont understand and it scares me. There was something in there about her lungs.

To make matters worse I have been reading up on adoption blogs. Normally this would give me hope and joy and make me cry too(much like when you are pregnant and watch TLC's A Baby Story), but not the 2 stories I am reading. They both involved a bad agency which sounded a lot like the one we went with but wasnt. I found them from a site that has a check list on how not to get taken by an agency. In both cases the womens babies die while they are in Russia during the 10 day wait.Here is a heart wrenching story about a beautiful little boy who died, he was so tiny and frail, not sure yet as to the cause of death havent gotten that far or else they never really said. The other one was basically the same thing, same agency 5 yrs later.

I did find it fascinating that in both stories when they had had enough and no one could or would help they both sought out the help of Irina, our attorney. This makes me believe that God wanted me to read these not to think my baby would die but to know that Irina(although we thoroughly researched her) is the one who we can and should trust.

I pray that with Irina's help we can bring our child home and fast! I know I know all in God's timing, but again, Im not really one want to wait :) Please join Paul and I in prayer on these following concerns

~that the money would all come in and we would be able to pay for Irina and our traveling and any other expenses.

~that Faith stay healthy and thrive. We pray she would be warm enough if its cold and cool enough if its warm. Pray her needs are met and that someone treats her with compassion until her mama and papa can come and bring her home.

~that the courts would come back with the answer that God wills and that it owuld be very quickly.

~that we can travel soon to meet our precious child.

~that more orphans would be adopted and more eyes would be opened. That people would do the will of God rather than the will of man.


Be blessed


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  1. I'm so happy that you guys found your way to Irina. She sounds like a true blessing. I'll be on pins and needles waiting for their reply to your letter, but I'm so pleased with the progress.