"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's not fair!

BEWARE!!!! This is a venting post.

Sometimes life is not fair. I know this and I am reminding myself as I type this. I know God will provide and vengeance is His. Thank goodness too because I know He can do a much better job.

First is a hiring freeze where Paul works, right before they were set to hire him. That sucks. We have no health insurance me and him and this would have been great. Because of the freeze and he being considered a self employer we got hit with an over 2000.00 tax. Fun!

Then in the mail today we get a notice. Before we moved into this house we got our security deposit back from our thief of a landlord. Little background on him. He is a Muslim doctor who always carries a weapon on his person. He ask us to pay rent to him directly when he would come to our house. It was always after 10pm and always early. Some months he ask us to pay twice and others a few weeks before it was due. The day we birthed our daughter he was at our house and demanded Paul be there to give him the rent not due for a few more days and we had sent the check a week before her birth. He claimed he never got it. Paul went home and paid him.

Long story short we found out our home was in foreclosure or near it and we needed to get out. He never fixed anything and everything we tried to grow or any pet we had always died there. The house and land were cursed. I firmly believe this. He was a thief and did not follow God and God was not blessing him. I saw strange things there but Paul, the kids and I were always protected by the blood of Jesus. This I am sure of. People started watching our house, people we believe he owed money to and we knew it was no longer safe.

The check that we were given for our security deposit was from the same bank as we were at. I had my doubts about it so I left it in the bank. Three weeks later we really needed it to put down on a new house. I called the bank and they said it had cleared. Wow. PTL! Right in time. I took the money moved away got a new bank account due to the move and moved on. Well then they called me a month or so after we were moved. They said the check ended up being a fraud. I told them they told me it cleared and it was a check from their bank. I told them who wrote it and they were going after him. Everyone seemed to be going after him.

Today I get in the mail almost 2 years later a bill in collections first notice for 1300.00 for that check. I called the collection people and explained it to them. They said they were sorry but we had to pay it. NO FAIR! I am going to call the bank Monday because as far as I knew this matter was settled. They probably could not get any money off of him and now they are coming after me. I have 5 kids! I am not paying his bills! I try not to be greedy. When someone needs something I try to give it but this man is a doctor! He owns a 600,000.00 house and several rental properties. Pay your own bills Dude!

So if I could ask you to pray. Please pray that this matter gets resolved without it affecting us in a bad way. Pray that Paul finds a job with insurance and more money and benefits. Also Noah is going to a new place the doctor said we had to go to get another feeding study. They told me insurance doesnt cover it all so we will have to pay, please pray we have the funds for that or that it will all be covered.

Sorry for the venting. Sometimes life is not fair, but God is good yesterday, today and tomorrow no matter what.

Be blessed

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