"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

God is so good!

We all know that though, huh. Today we went to look at a van. For months now I had been praying. God, please let us get a van that runs, fits our family and do not have to go into debt for. Well today that prayer was answered.

Paul found a van on craigslist yesterday for 1200.00 that was a price we could afford. It was a 12 passenger and looked fairly descent. I am not about looks as much as reliability so I dont really care. He texted the guy and we were told several people were going to look at it, but we could not because we had church. so we would have to pray and if this was meant to be ours it would be there the next day. When we went to church we told the pastor that had been praying for us what we found. I am so grateful for all the prayers. After church I called my gram to talk ad she ask what color the van was. I didnt know so I ask Paul for the link to the van. When I brought up the link the price had been changed 2000.00. What?! No Fair! We unfortunately could not afford that. Paul texted the guy and ask about the price and he said for us only it would be 1200 since he gave that price to Paul when he called. Paul and I thought, that has got to be God. Raising the price enough so maybe it wouldnt sell until we could get there.

We woke up today and went to meet the guy. The van had not been bought. Praise the Lord. I prayed the whole time we were there that if this was not the van for us Paul would know and if it was he would know. I also prayed if by chance it was not for us and we stupidly bought it that God would bless us and the van and let it run and be reliable and not a money pit. Well cosmetically it is not great. I mean its good but not one side of the van has not been scratched up. No big deal. I can even deal with the big black spots on it where they painted over the quality inn signs, lol. I love the inside. I especially love the please be seated and enjoy your ride sign as well as the no smoking sign, lol. I like the layout of the seats. 4 in the back row, then one on the left two on the right for the next 2 rows. It has a separate part in the back for storage. It has extra head room which makes it very tall over 8 ft. I called the hospital to see where we would park when we go to the hospital. They said the one lot has a 8ft 6 inch clearing and we are hoping it will go thru there, if not...hmm...they did say they would accommodate us so thats nice to know.

So Paul drove the van or should I say bus and we finally got outta there. We pick up the van tomorrow, they gave us a tire for it for 25 and free antifreeze. As soon as we got home we noticed the tires went on the van. One day early but still what timing God has. The van tires are literally flat because of how warn they wore, but 400. on tires in a van that doesnt work to begin with was not an option for us. So God did it, He allowed us to safely make it home and to only have one day before we had to pick up our new (to us)van. It will need a few things that will cost a few dollars but all in all we think we got a good deal.

I am so very thankful for the God we serve. He listened to my prayers and answered them. In fact every Sunday I pray for a group of men I have come to love and every Sunday God answers that prayer and those boys rock my world. In case you didnt know who I was talking about heres a hint, the best dang ball team in the nation baby, STEELERS! Whoot Whoot!

Anyways I am off to exercise but today was such a wonderful and beautiful day. You can read about AJ's day out on our family blog HERE. God even blessed us with a great gal offering free childcare today and her car to use! Rock on!

So I will leave you with this new song I heard and adore.

Be blessed

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  1. How wonderful!!! I know that we need a van, badly, we only have a car for a family of 6... LOL... it doesn't add up :(