"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I got that question today..in Target.

I was online looking at wonderbaby.org a great website for parents of blind children. Today they were talking about Easter egg hunts. The woman said she felt like if her child could participate in an egg hunt he could do anything. She found these great eggs called hide em and find em eggs. They make noises and talk and giggle, they say, you who I'm hiding, come find me!, I'm over here. Then when you find them and open them they laugh and say you found me! They stay on for 30 mins talking every so often. I had to have them! I ended up finding them at target! 14.99 for 4! I love them!!

So while at Target someone bumped into me. She apologized and we got to talking. She saw the eggs which led me to why I was there buying those eggs, for my daughter Faith. It was a great talk, she told me she sponsored a child from Children International. I told about ours from Compassion. While we were talking another woman interrupted.

At first this woman had this look on her face of disgust. She said I heard you talking and I just want to know something. I said ok. She then said what I didnt really think people had the gull to say.."With all the kids in the US why on Earth would you go over there?!" Those of you who know me I wonder if you could guess if I chose to be snarky or actually responded without being mean or anything. I was not snarky or mean I promise. I politely said to her that 1- God ask us to adopt this child from Russia and 2- At 4 years old she would end up in a mental institute to live out the rest of her life and kids in the US will not. She said, "oh, well I got two from here, but shh 1 doesnt know. And Ill tell you we didnt pay half of what you are going to pay for yours"(like she is a new car)

So we are talking and then I looked over at her daughter who is 8 playing in the next aisle with her brother who is 5. They were black. This woman was white. I said, "Your daughter doesnt know?" She said no. I was perplexed. Then her husband came down the aisle and I said out loud, "oh ok. I was wondering how your daughter had no idea she was adopted but I get it now." I wasnt being mean. Then I told her of another blogger that has a baby from Ethiopia and her and her husband were white and someone ask her if she told her daughter she was adopted. She said if she doesnt know then there is something more wrong with her than we thought, lol"

I feel bad for the little girl not knowing she is adopted. I respect the parents decision in how they want to handle their own situation but I knew a guy whose Mom was really his gramma and his sister was really his mom. He didnt find out til he was 18 or so and oh man, the backlash on that was really really bad. I pray that child handles her news better if she ever finds out.

Anyways, it was good talking about Faith and the orphans in Russia and the Ukraine. More than anything I want others to realize that there is a problem in this world. There are millions of children with no place to call home, without a mom and dad, without anyone in this world to kiss them and hug them and tell them they love them. Never having a piggy back ride from Dad. That after a certain age in certain parts of the world these kids get institutionalized. They dont get to splash in the tub and play in shaving cream, they dont get to hear their moms read The Sneetches by Dr Suess. They dont get funny nicknames like stinkyface or love bucket. I want people to understand that this is what God wants us to do, take care of the widows, orphans and fatherless and because of this don't worry about the money. Money is nothing in this world compared to a life.

At the end of my life I dont care if I spent all my years never having anything new or shiny. I want to know that I did what God ask and that with His help I saved the life of a child(or 2 or 10).


  1. Great story! I'm so glad you found those eggs, too. That's awesome!

  2. Thanks. I love them! The kids are playing with them now. All I am hearing all over my house is "You Who I'm hiding!" "I'm over here." lol