"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I found heaven.....

...in San Diego!

Today was a great day. When Nancy told me I would be able to relax all week I honestly didnt remember what that was like. I was sure I would be stressed but I knew either way I still needed to make this trip.

I am not Noah's only family. This trip was about allowing my son to be with family. To surround us with the people that love us and miss us and the people who took care of him when I couldnt. I am forever grateful to them. I think another reason I want this bond between them to stay is because of the bond I have with my foster parents. They are my forever family. Just like Nancy and her family are Noah's forever family. The more people that love you the better in my book and Noah truly is a blessed child surrounded by love.

So back to today. I had a blast! First we went to the gym and Allie and I did Water Aerobics while Nancy worked out in the gym. It was GREAT! I worked up a sweat then I did laps once the class was over and did crunches in the water. I was really feeling it. Then we headed back to the house. We hung out a little, I was trying to get my stupid farmers tan to go away. I just got a farmers tan yesterday. The sun in Ca is not the sun I love in Pa. Then Nancy said she was going to go to the store and I was to go with her. So I did.

We pulled up and started walking. Then we went into a spa and I said where are we going today? she said Mike has made you a 1:15 appointment to get a massage so you can be relaxed so I will pick you up in an hour or so. I am telling you what I almost bawled like a baby. I kid you not. I was completely overwhelmed in a good way. I went and had my first massage and it was a naked one. I didnt even mind, it was euphoric. After that I went and got some postcards and headed home again.

Later that evening was awesome too. I got to take senior pictures. I had a blast. I hope they like them. We headed to the beach where it was so cold! Were talking Alaska summer there man! The water comes so far up the beach it was crazy. Took me by surprise and I almost lost my shoes to the ocean. I took Noah out for a brief minute and he heard the water turned his head and his eyes about popped outta his head. He was in awe. It was truly a beautiful moment with my son. I really dont think they know what they have given me this week. They gave me bonding time with my son. A time away from doctors and worries and feeding issues. A time just for me and my baby boy. He is starting to feel like my baby.

Then Megan and I stayed up til 12 talking. This family is precious. Such beautiful wonderful people. Here are a few pictures from today.

be blessed

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