"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Updates and such

Sorry no pics tonight. I will take some soon. We have been so busy lately. Maybe busy isnt the right word. Bored. Yeah Id go with bored. lol.

Our Gotchaversary was nice. Noah and I were suppose to go to brunch at Mimi's with birthmom and Nancy. Well birthmom called me and told me she put in the address in her GPS but instead of coming to our town she went 8hrs in the wrong direction! She didnt put the zip code in the GPS. So she wasnt coming. We had originally had plans for her to come in and spend the weekend here and we would go to brunch and the rodeo and just have a great time. Then it was she could come but not spend the night, then it was havent left yet because bf didnt wake me up then it was oops went to the wrong place. to say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I prayed to God that she would be okay and get home safely and at one point I prayed she was lying. If she was lying, fine whatever I'd honestly feel better about that than her being 4 hrs away from her home in a foreign city alone. I have to realize that we are in two different places and she may not want as much contact as she said she did or we hoped she did. All I know is we will not be letting Noah get hurt or disappointed from no shows. I'm not angry at her. I know that one day when she is older things may change and she may want to come around and you know what, that will be okay by us. She has been texting me a good bit lately so I am glad she wants to chat.

Well Noah and I went to Mimi's and we didnt care who showed up. Nancy came and we had a wonderful brunch. She got me a necklace that says born in my heart and has Noah's name on it. I love it. We had a blast then spent the afternoon at Nancy's taking pictures of a new orphan. Noah was having fun and wanted nothing to do with the baby. In fact when ask, " Do you want a baby brother?" He screamed out "UH-uh!!!" while shaking his head no. Lol. My silly boy.

The next day I turned 30. The actual day of turning 30 and days following have been wonderful and fine but the days before I was filled with angst and fear. I did not want to be 30. I have no idea where the feelings came from. For my 30th we went to church then out to eat at the Mexican Inn. After that we got a pass to the YMCA and went swimming. It was a great day. I ended up eating way too much but I will learn.

Since that day we have gone to the Y everyday. Paul and I drop the kids off at the youth center and the nursery and we go and workout for about an hour. Then we hit the pool. It has been fabulous! I took a Zumba class and loved it. I also met some great moms at the pool. True southerners. They were so sweet. I am starting to feel better. I needed to work out and get out of the house. The Y is helping a lot. We have a personal trainer thing that prints out our workouts for that day and then we got do what it says and I will go take a class and then we go home and put the kids to bed. I love it. I am getting to spend more time with my husband and the kids are having some fun time with other kids and we are all really thriving. I am learning to get out of my shell and do things. I plan to take a kickboxing class soon and continue with Zumba.

If all goes as planned we should get our truck full of stuff from Pittsburgh this Friday. Praise the Lord. This is a huge answer to prayer. Please pray this happens. I so can not wait to sleep on a bed rather than the floor! Having our house and real beds and our bikes and all our belongings will make this move seem so real. We will finally start to live here in out town. I am so excited. I cant wait to decorate and eat on our picnic table and to have our books. Oh how I want to read! The kids are super excited too.

I am feeling very blessed. I always feel blessed but this is the life I have always dreamed of for my kids and here we are living it. This is the American dream. I lve it here!

To end I want to tell a little joke my gram told me tonight. Its just too cute not to tell and those in the south may appreciate it more than northerners.

This little boy was in class and everyday when they said the pledge he would put his hand on his butt not his heart. This went on for weeks. The teacher called a parent teacher conference. She told his parents and later that night his mother ask him why he put his hand on his bottom for the pledge. He said when gramma comes she always taps me on the butt and says well bless your little heart. :)

Pics to come soon.
Be blessed!

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