"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Still not eating

Well Noah still isnt eating. I dont get it. He was doing so well. We went to see the gastro and she spent all of 3 minutes with him. She said weight looks good, like his groovy tubie, see you in 3 months. I am not even joking. Then we waited for 30 mins to see the nutritionist. That was a good appointment though. She agreed with the ECI nutritionist and wrote a script for Noah to start Pedisure. We are to start it very slow though. I am a bit concerned with the pedicure since it is not predigested and his other formula was.

His eating is frustrating me, his therapists are a joke here. Back home it was 2x a week for OT. Here its 2x a month. They tell me they can't come anymore than that they simply arent allowed. They dont do anything when they are here either. They believe it teaching the parent what to do and then they go on vacation, I mean then theyre job is done.

I called a different group. They recommend 8x a month of therapy for Noah but cant start for a while. So here I sit. The last 45 minutes I have bribed my child with toys per their instructions to get him to take a bite. We have taken 2 bites in 45 minutes!

So we are at a frustrating point right now. Hoping things look up soon.

Be blessed


  1. Aww poor baby. I really want him to get better. I've been thinking of him and praying for him since he got sick. Thanks for updating us on his health. I can't believe the gastro spent 3 minutes with him and was done. Do you know if he still has an infection? what was it exactly?
    And did you get anything for his legs?

    Praying for you sweet boy

  2. I feed my Noah a blenderized diet through his tube. There is a Blenderized diet yahoo group that really helped me get started. You can try and feed him by mouth and what he doesn't eat put through his tube. Check out the yahoo group. Good luck


  3. You know I was thinking as I was reading, & I know that you are literally frustrated, but I have something similar. I do a Bible study with a group of ladies in the projects of Clairton. It can be a pretty bad place. I have been "feeding" them spiritually since the beginning of last Sept. & it seems to me that they are not "eating". I keep pouring it in, but they refuse to "eat". Altho they seem to enjoy the time we have Bible study. But as soon as I leave they pull out the weed & the booz, & have a party! It is incredibly frustrating! I bless you Ashlee for plunging into this little critter's life, fighting on his behalf, & pouring all you can into him. He seems to be thriving! You have great rewards in Heaven waiting for you!