"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Monday, June 6, 2011


I forgot to update the blog about taking Noah to the doctors. So last week, Friday, my hell day, I noticed Noah's legs were red and hot. I called and made an appointment with a doctor and was going to take Paul back to work so I could have the car after lunch. Paul told me not to worry about it and he would just leave after his meeting and take us all to the drs.

Paul left the house. 10 mins later I get a call. Its Paul. "Ash, the wheel fell off the van while I was driving it." I was speechless, literally. "Are you there? Did you hear me?" He was ok but the van, well it wasnt. He missed a half a day of work and we had to get a rental, the police were there helping, it was a mess.

AJ during this time was covering the upstairs carpet with blue body wash, she also got herself and her eyes. She was suppose to be at nap. Not sure I like her bedroom having a bathroom. She was screaming, Noah was upset, Sarie was running around it was a mess. Then my cell decided not to work so I had to call Sprint because I needed to know if Paul was alright and coming back here or if I had to cancel the appointment. He came home with a 2011 town and country fully loaded. Man am I liking the fact that the car broke, lol. The kids are too, lol.

So we went to the appointment and they didnt take Noahs insurance and our insurance has a deductible we cant pay right now. So we were headed home when I saw a walk ins welcome sign. They took Noahs insurance and we got him seen. Turns out it is a very bad infection. The doctor said if we had waited it could have been deadly for Noah. If it got any worse we were to get him to the ER fast. He gave us an RX and the pharmacy was right next door. He seems to be doing well but his legs are scarred something awful. I hope it goes away.

Anyways after a horrible day Friday the weekend really looked better. It was 102 and we had a car we all fit in that had working air. Praise the Lord. Maybe God knew we needed to have some ac on for the weekend. It was such a worry when I drove, now I dont have any worries when I drive. Like a weight has been lifted. The car is only costing us 3.00 a day bc we have really good insurance.

Noah still continues to not eat. Please pray he eats. Thanks so much.

Be blessed


  1. Wow! What was it? Sounds a lot like cellulitis. Glad you were able to get him seen somewhere!

  2. How's Noah doing today? I hope he fights this infection and that you are able to get him to eat a little. Praying for him.