"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

God in every detail

Isn't God amazing?!

Lately, I have been feeling like my life has been dull...I felt like I wasnt doing enough for the kingdom of God. I have always ask God to use me and things have been boring here as of late and I havent been doing much of anything. Fast forward to last night. I get an email that a mom wants pics of her twins in the NICU. Well I love taking pictures of NICU and orphaned babies. Its my heart. BUT I fly out on Wednesday for Pa and I am not keen on traveling over 90mins to take the pics like I have to do sometimes. I knew I wouldnt tell her no because I hardly ever tell anyone no, but I was wondering how I could swing it. Turns out she was at a hospital near our church. (Aint God grand!) I told her after church I would stop by.

This morning at church the pastor said God is still worthy of our praise no matter what kind of day we are having. I found that quote to be very profound. Sometimes we are so quick to halt all conversations with God because we feel slighted by Him. He is God and we should respect that. Today the message made me want to get out of my seat and jump. It must have made other people feel that way too because several got up and did just that. He spoke about a covenant we have with God.

Genesis 17:7 I will establish my covenant as an everlasting covenant between me and you and your descendants after you for the generations to come, to be your God and the God of your descendants after you.

I couldnt possibly write everything he said today and if I did it wouldn't be half as great as how he said it but one thing was so inspiring. He was speaking as David when he went up against Goliath. "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living God?"(1 samuel 17:26) Pastor said David didnt say who is this philistine he knew from spending time with God and learning about Him that the circumcision was the sign of the covenant and Goliath didnt have God on his side because he did not have the sign of the covenant. David knew that he could not lose. He knew he didnt need armor because he had the sign of the covenant and Goliath didnt. David trusted God. And we know how that battle played out. David won. Pastor said why do we let fear stop us from doing something when we know we are in a covenant relationship with God? Why do we constantly feel like we have to do it all on our own. Psalm 81:10 I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

So after church I headed with the fam to the hospital to shoot. Paul took the kids out for a daddy kid lunch while I worked. I found the NICU and proceeded to scrub in. Boy is that a process. Well a couple came in and I starting chatting with them. Someone said that southern women can talk the paint off walls. I think I was suppose to be southern :) I ask the woman how early her baby was. She said her baby was right on time but had some chromosome issues.

Hello God! I know you are in this!

I started talking to her about Noah. We spent maybe 5 minutes together and went down separate halls. As I was trying to find the twins and their mama I prayed for that other family's baby. It must be very unnerving to not know what is going to happen or how to process this all when you have just given birth 4 days prior. With Paul and I we knew we wanted a special needs child, we sought after a child with needs. These people carried a child for almost 10 months and had dreams and aspirations and then he was born and their world was rocked. I cant imagine.

I found the twins and their mom. She is a beautiful woman with 5 kids! (Hi God!) The nurse has 5 kids too and get this 3 are adopted (I see you God!) from foster care(HELLO LORD!). We all high fived for the elite club we are in! Whoot Whoot! Hey dont knock it til ya try it what what! :) I had a wonderful shoot with wonderful people. I love NICU babies! Preemies, oh how I love those itty bitty blessings! You know what rocks my world, which ironically terrifys me on everyone else, belly buttons! Have you seen a preemies belly button? They are perfect, no black cord stuff, they arent huge nope. They are teeny tiny itty bitty lil things. Perfectly formed little things too! So once I got past that, ok so I still havent, but anyways I finished the shoot and had a blast. The nurse and the mama were so warm and friendly. I really had a wonderful time. I hope I can get back to that NICU to take pics of the other little miracles there.

Can you imagine a baby so small? The pics dont do them justice, they are just teeny! Every time I see a preemie I cant help but think of God. I know He formed our innermost parts and when I see those babies I know that I KNOW He formed our innermost parts. Ya know what I mean? Those babies are God just showin off! Wow. Breathtakingly amazing!

So I texted my husband to come get me and headed out of the hospital. He said he was waiting so I tried to find my way out of the NICU. 20 mins later I found the elevator :) When I made it to the front of the hospital I saw the mom I had scrubbed in with. So I went over to talk to her. Usually I just avoid people I have no idea what got into me. I was talking to her and then her husband came up and we were all talking. Honestly I dont even know what I was saying. I hope it was from God and not me. I hope I didnt offend them either. Then the woman said something to me that gave me Jesus bumps(as my lil old italian friend calls them)she said she really felt like God put me in that room with them. Her husband said none of the parents talk to each other while scrubbing in and there I was and I started talking to them, they knew it was God. They felt like God was walking with them through this. She took my card and number and I hope she looks me up on Facebook. I would be happier if she found me on google+ lol.

Anyways it was an amazing God filled day. God was in every detail. I ask God to use me and He is. Sometimes I dont see it, sometimes I dont feel like he is and then I go somewhere and it becomes perfectly clear why I am where I am at that very moment. Thank you Lord.

Be blessed

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  1. Yep, His signature is easy to recognize as a child of the King! Just consider it a kiss from the King to His daughter. He loves us that way & He wants to use us if we are willing vessel to be used for His glory! Way to go Ashlee!