"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Thursday, May 5, 2011


If there is one thing I miss from Pittsburgh it is the doctors. We had a horrible first appointment with an awful doctors office and will never go back.
I thought that was over and done with until today. I got a certified letter from the doctor saying this:

This is to inform you that due to your CONSISTENT NONCOMPLIANCE with you child's plan of care I am discontinuing my relationship as a healthcare provider for Noah.


I saw this woman (and I use the term loosely) ONE time. ONE. There was no CONSISTENT NONCOMPLIANCE. I spent the last year fighting for my child. Making sure every
doctor saw him as more than Trisomy 8. Then I had to have some doctors see that he was not a typical baby but a child with Trisomy 8. I spent every day he was in the
hospital with him. I had to sign for every procedure he had, I interviewed and fired nurses that didnt treat him the way he deserved. I watched him drift off into a
deep sleep before surgeries.I stayed up rocking him all night over the humidifier when he couldn't breath. I cleaned up all the vomit everyday. When the doctor told
us Christmas day that we needed to realize that one day we would have to take his tubes off of him and let him die I heard it and fought it, not them! It was me! ME!
Not them.

I have taken care of my son since the moment I found out he was mine. I have prayed for him, spent day on my face pleading to God for him and in one sentence they make
out to be a deadbeat parent who refused medical treatment. She saw him once. ONCE! They also sent me a bill for 238.00 after tehy told me how much to pay and I paid it,
they lied about that as well.

So I called the office and got to talk to the admin of Cook's. They said that letter is legally binding and we cant go back there. Um, not a problem. So if its legally
binding then doesnt that mean that someone somewhere down the road for what ever reason could use that against me? I dont care if they couldnt I dont like it being
said about me. The woman on the phone said that is what fine and nothing wrong with it. Grrr! I didnt let this go and I wont. They are checking into the bill for me.
I thought if they really push and I have to pay I will pay one penny a month. They can't report it to the credit place bc I am paying. BUT I shouldnt have to pay. They
told me they were not submitting it to the insurance and I would be self pay, then they gave me the self pay amount and I paid it. They cant then say oh here pay more.

I am so mad right now. CPS could possibly use that against me. Not like I have to worry about them but still as a non vaxing mother this letter could be taken and used
against me. They need to revise their "standard" letter. I fought for every breath my son took and they in one sentence took that all away from me. JERKS!


The bill was a mistake, Praise the Lord. They really are just screwing things up over and over. They dont care about the letter. I DO! Also someone knows the lawyer of
the hospital and says its time to have lunch with them and chat about Noah.

Be blessed

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  1. Ummm yes, a copy of those letters usually goes to the insurance company.