"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Friday, May 6, 2011


You did not chose Me, I choose you. John 15:16

A year ago this weekend we were chosen as Noah's family. I cant believe so much has happened in this last year. Noah's birthmom is an amazing woman.
She took such a leap of faith when choosing us for Noah. She wanted a family who lived in Texas so she could see him. We were half a country away.
It's funny how God works out everything. Now we live in Texas and can visit her whenever.

I wonder what she was thinking as she looked over our pictures and read our letter. What made us, a family with 4 girls, stand out against the others?
It wasnt anything in any letter or our pictures, I know that. It was God. God knew before Noah was even formed in Birthmom's womb that he was my baby.
Noah looks like us. He acts like us. No one can tell which one of my kids is adopted, not that we care.

Her and I have such a connection. I still can't believe we have the same birthday! How weird. That will make it easier for Noah when he is grown, lol.
Last year the day before our birthday Noah was handed to me by her forever. The next day Paul and I decided to take bmom and bdad out for breakfast
and let them hold Noah and spend some time with him. So this year I thought it would be nice to go to that same restaurant with bmom, transitional care
mom and me. The 3 moms in Noah's life. I am going to bring Noah too. I hope we can make this a yearly tradition. I am so excited about it. Then the next
day I turn 30. That is a whole other post there, lol.

I am so grateful to God for opening our hearts to adoption, for opening bmoms heart toward adoption, for giving me a son I thought I would never have. I
am grateful to Birthmom for choosing us, for loving her baby so much and choosing to carry him and going through childbirth just to hand him to me. I
can't even imagine doing that at any age let alone her age. I am grateful for nancy and her family who took Noah in and kept him until his mama and
dada could find him. I am even grateful to the family that was picked for Noah first who said no way we dont want him because hes not perfect. Can you
imagine looking back at the end of their life and realizing what blessings they gave up not having Noah. I can honestly say I was witness to a miracle
of God by having Noah here. Watching God heal him and watching him overcome all he did. All those nights in the hospital were nothing compared to the
miracle that is him.

So this weekend as we celebrate birthmother's day and mother's day we will also be celebrating the day we were chosen as Noah's forever mama and dada.

Be blessed

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