"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Friday, October 22, 2010

Noah's getting some new kicks

I have noticed since we brought Noah home that his feet were...different. I first brought it up to the Ped as soon as we had our first visit. He looked him over and said it was okay a lot of babies get that way so to just do this this and this. Ok. I did. Lately though I have noticed a lot more of his feet turning in, his pinky toe on the one foot always laying across the bottom of the foot and when he stands his feet turn in and he is always on his toes.

I brought it up to OT on Tuesday she said he needs braces but probably not now, DV and PT on thursday and they agreed braces. Although PT says because this is preventing him from good posture and good standing (and some other medical jargon I dont understand) he would need them now. She gave us a note to give our doctor and then gave us the number of a orthotics doctor. I noticed that some of the blogs I read some of their children have these little cute braces those kids have DS. This gave me an idea of what the PT was talking about. Noah's has to be up to about his knees so they are not the same.

Nancy his foster mom knew it would happen eventually, but when I told his birthmom today and she was upset at first. She thought it was scary. Texting something like this may not have been my best decision. I hope she understands that it is braces nothing invasive just a piece of plastic on his legs. I should call her.

Anyways if a mickey button and braces are the worse we have to deal with with Noah we are good right?

Ber blessed