"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Monday, September 5, 2011

The horrible, no good, very bad day!

Or should I say weekend. Sigh.

Saturday morning at 3am my husband left for Pa. He was taking my gram back to her home, driving 21 hours! After they left I couldnt really sleep so I was hoping the kids would sleep in, they didnt. As early as 8am they were up fighting screaming crying and just being generally unpleasant. So yup thats how it started. The day is really a blur now, I think I blocked it out. I remember cleaning up p**p off of the floor in the bathroom though. We stayed in the house, doors shut and locks blinds drawn all day.

I could barely walk I was in so much pain from lifting too much weight. Then on top of that I had horrible kidney pain. I was a hot mess. I couldnt bend my legs or get comfortable for anything. I ask for prayer and took some pain pills and God got me through the rest of the day.

Later that night we had a sleepover. We started off the night by making t shirts. That was actually fun! After that we headed out back for a few quick pics. Then we made popcorn and watched a movie. It wasnt all bad.

Sunday I had to get everyone up early for church, but they all slept in. They cant seem to do that during a weekday or a Saturday, haha. AJ had peed on the floor then slipped in it but I didnt know that because I was in the bathroom trying to get ready. Then I walk out into the hall and tramp in the same pee. Ugh! I get everyone dressed, fed and ready to head out the door and just as we were leaving Noah puked everywhere. Grrr. So I got him cleaned up and changed and off we headed.

Church was great. Not only was it a great message and great worship but also a reprieve from the kids. Just me and a bunch of adults. That was nice. After church I felt so good I took the kids to Mexican Inn. We got a table and it all seemed to be going well. Noah had 2 crayons and while I was taking a picture he put the crayons and his whole fist in the salsa. Fun! After dinner AJ threw a huge fit and screamed while we were leaving the place.

We got home and I had them lay down to watch a movie so I could get some stuff done. I had to feed Noah. Then I left him sit for awhile so it settled in his stomach. I ran tot he bathroom as I had been holding it awhile and as soon as I hit I heard something.....then screams "MOM!! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!" Then AJ came running in, "Mom, Noah spit."

Ok I thought I can handle this. I did this morning. So I got up and went to see and low and behold...vomit covered the majority of the livingroom. How on earth?! It was on the top of his head clear to his toes. All over the seat, all over the floor, just all over. It had to be his whole 8oz feed easy, but man did it look like 16 oz or more! I got so mad, my flesh is weak. I had to remember, look it isnt him doing this to be mean to you. He cant help it. So I got him undressed and ran the chair outside and it leaked vomit the whole way to the door. Gag. Then I got him in the tub for a quick bath. Then I had to try to mop up the carpet with paper towels because we have no rug scrubber. That didnt work too well. By the time everything was cleaned up it was bed time and I had had enough.

Monday was pretty much of the same, more vomit, more problems, more crap. I called the GI doctor, but they werent in because it was a holiday. Fun! So the on call doctor called me back and let me just tell you..he was an a**. Excuse my language. He told me what my problem was, no good Ped that knew everything about Trisomy 8. (Sorry dork but there is none) Then I told him we were trying to find a good ped but couldnt due to having medicaid as a secondary and we dont vax. Thats all it took. He then decided he wasnt going to help but belittle me and my convictions. He told me that when the great measles outbreak occurs in the very near future my son would be dead thanks to my uneducated convictions. (Like the great swine flu outbreak?) I told him that wasnt the issue, the issue was vomit, now help. He rambled on for another 5 mins or so and then I said my peace. I ask again, what can we do to help this right now. Then I proceeded to interrupt him every time he mentioned vaccines. Finally he said the secretions were causing the vomit bc of his hyper active gag. Ok, great, thank you, now who do I see about secretions...vax, vax, vax, dude shut up about the vaccines and name a dr. vax vax vax, ENOUGH! Dr name right now anus! ENT. Thank you Goodbye!

What a dork. I mean I was seriously ticked off after that call. had I been a man I doubt he would have spoke to me like that. We had the feeding pump break and a horrible dme to deal with right after and I was spent! Paul walked through the door and I collapsed in his arms. All was better. I rested there for a minute and got calm. The DME finally showed up and we got Noah eating.

So all in all the weekend was horrible! I am grateful it is over. Looking forward to not reliving that.

Just writing it all down made me exhausted, Ill post pictures another time but dont worry I will leave the vomit ones out :)
Be blessed


  1. I am thinking of you often.

    I'm glad Paul arrived and saved you!! ;)

    I really hope Noah gets better and that you find a good Ped for him. Sweet boy, the last pictures you posted are just so adorable!

    Loved them!

  2. Perhaps ALL the doctors have a point. One or two docs, okay, difference of opinion, get a second opinion. Responsible thing to do as a parent. ALL those docs telling you the same thing?? Licensed docs that have been to med school???