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You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

All in God's time.

I am the type of person that when asked or called to do something or even gets an idea I have to execute it as soon as possible! The faster the better in my opinion. I was thrilled (as well as scared, nervous, questioning) that God called Paul and I to adopt and that Paul's heart was finally on the same page. So I said ok God lets do this!

Waiting is not for me. Anyone that really knows me knows I am speaking the truth here, haha. I felt like I had to rush rush rush to bring our daughter home and fulfill what God has ask of us. It has only been over the last week that I have realized I may have deadlines but so does God. And they may not be the same dates.

The adoption agency said to hurry hurry hurry so I did. We expedited all the papers we could, passports and homestudy. We notarized all we could as quickly as we could. They told us in order to work around my schedule I would have to have everything in by January 31st 2010. They gave us the papers to have turned in and completed on 12/24/09. Not much time at all to complete a whole Dossier. Let me explain a little about what is involved in the Dossier.

You need:
4 applications for registrations 2 from each parent
4 Request to adopt forms
4 Application #1
4 power of attorney
2 USCIS Approval form
6 State Police Checks (only valid in Russia for 3 months)
4 Child Abuse Clearances (only valid in Russia for 3 months)
4 Original Marriage Certificates
2 Rental Agreements
2 Medical Certificates for first trip
Doctor's License
2 Medical Certificates for individuals over 13
Doctors Letter for signing medical certificate
Doctors Letter for children under 13
The Ministry of Public Health Medical Document Form
a. completing in usa
b completing in russia
2 copies of the Psych Eval
2 Certificate of assets
2 Employment letters
8 passport copies
10 pages of pictures (5 for each dossier) of family and home
2 Familys commitment letter to provide post adoptions
2 Familys commitment letter to provide register child
Regional requirements
Social worker agency docs

Some of the stuff we can do ourselves but a lot of it is relying on others to complete what they have to. Turns out to be around 80 documents that need to be notarized, certified and apostilled. After I thought the 31st would be a bust to get the papers in I thought about the 5th of Feb. This too I think may not work now. I am not freaking out like I thought I would be.

I prayed and was talking to God and said Lord I know this will be in your timing and that is fine. It is. Paul says God has a reason for the date that He has in mind. It sometimes is hard to wait and realize that Faith is over there and she has no idea who we are or that we are trying to come for her. That we love her. That God loves her. That soon she will have a new life, a hope and a future, her birth right given to her.But for now we wait.

The doctors office lost the forms we had to have them fill out so after a week they found them it took 2 weeks to fill them out and I dont know how but they put the wrong address on the one form so now it needs redone. The adoption agency has once again set ridiculous deadlines to have some part of the dossier that the other caseworker fills out to be done by THIS Friday. The agency here said they couldnt meet that deadline but could meet it by next Tuesday. I need to look at everything and figure out what else needs done.

I really want this done fast for several reasons. The documents and clearances in Russia are only good 3 months so if they expire before we travel we have to do them again and then again before the court date. This is a butt load of money. I just am standing on the promises of God. I dont know when but our daughter will come home.

Some upcoming events are

Spaghetti Dinner at Monroeville Assembly of God Church
Feb 26th 2010
There is no cost for this event but a love offering will be taken to help our adoption costs. There is a page on Facebook for this event where you can mark if you will attend or not.

Please continue to pray for us. We need to raise more money for the adoption but we firmly believe that will come when it needs to.

Pray that Paul gets a job.

Pray that we can somehow get a working vehicle. Ours is not reliable anymore. Yesterday will Paul and I ran into the house for a minute the van slipped out of park and ended up in the garage, it hit the snowblower but that was it. We were all very upset. Also just over the last week a hole has appeared in our door. :( We want to get a new (new to us) van but hesitate to spend any money at all because of the adoption.

Pray for Faith that God continues to heal her and that she is not afraid and well taken care of until we can get her. Pray she is fed when hungry, changed when needed and warm.

Pray for all the orphans that they find their place in this world and the family they belong to.

I just wanted to thank all of our friends and family supporters. You guys have helped us get through so much. I am amazed at how you have rallied to our side in our time of need. Thank you all so much.


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