"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Monday, January 11, 2010

Homestudy part 1 done

So yesterday we had the first part of the homestudy done. Yay!! Only almost threw up twice. She spent 4 hours with us. I thought how crazy it is that by asking us about our families and seeing our house all spotless, which is a rareity with 4 kids, could somehow prove us to be fit parents.

I think she probably figured we stuffed our closets full of everything and it doesnt really look like this. I left one clothes basket out so she didnt think we were hiding anything. We werent, but I mean a house with four girls is not ever going to look like it did yesterday 2 days in row, ha!

About a minute after she was here Sarie decided to crumble her cookies all over the floor. Yay! Then halfway into the home study Sarie and Avenley decide that a spitting contest would be fun. So AJ fills her mouth with milk from her sippy and Sarie fills her mouth with water from her sippy and I hear it PPPPTTTTHHHHH! Water and milk fly through the air and I dont know whether to laugh or cry. After numerous polite attempts by me to get them to stop and some from their father they continue this now really fun game very close to the caseworker. I thought she either thinks we have no control over our kids or I dunno what. What I wanted to do is tell them was "So help me if you dont stop that right now Im gonna beat you purple!" Mind you I have never nor will ever beat my children. However I did refrain.

The kids decided that talking was some pretty boring stuff and they wanted to go outside so we let them. I still dont know if that was a good idea or not because we never once checked on them. What must she think of us. I mean they were in an enclosed backyard but still....

They came inside and it was time to look around the house. Charidy decides this would be a perfect time to demonstrate that Trin's bed can double and a jungle gym safety hazard. I cringe. Really...Really! We walk into the Alaska room and there on the top of the fireplace is my bbgun. CRAP! I know she saw it. She didnt say a word. I wondered should I? Maybe she missed it. Sarie trashed Faith's room 5 minutes before the woman goes in there so we did a major clean up then let her in.

During some of the questions it got so loud in here with the younger 2 screaming. She ask what Paul and I do when we fight, how we resolve conflict and I blurted out before thinking, " I slap him around and tell him I am right until he agrees with me." Immediatly realizing what I had said and that it wasnt to a friend but rather a government worker deciding on whether or not to give us a child. Really Ashlee, Really?!!!

It was finally over, I felt like I could breath. She was putting her shoe on when she reaches in and pulls out a banana that one of our children put in her shoe. I am so glad God has a sense of humor! She will be back for another visit Saturday.

Some other adoption news we found out that Faith's birthday is Feb 5th. Yay!!! I can not tell you what a relief that is to know her exact birthday. Makes her seem more real I think. Ok so prayer time....

Please pray that by some miracle that we receive 1500.00 by Saturday for the homestudy. Pray that the homestudy is approved and fast. That the dossier comes together and is approved and we can get a travel date.
Also always pray for our daughter Faith and the workers that work with her. Pray for the orphans all over the world that they would receive the best care and find forever families.
Paul found a really great job opportunity just pray he is hired there before Saturday.

Praise reports.....

I got my passport!
We got the money to get Paul's passport expedited.
State Police checks came back notarized a few weeks before they said they would.
Paul has some job leads so that is very cool!

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