"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Yesterday I took the two older girls to the party store to buy some candy. We had gone to the book store and got a movie so I wanted to have candy with the movie and make it a fun night. I was in line and the cashier was trying to check out people plus deal with an unhappy customer on the phone. I over heard most of the conversation. She was trying to make the customer happy but the woman on the phone would have none of it. Her one mylar balloon deflated. The cashier was nice and told her she would replace it. The woman apparently didnt find that good enough. When she got off the phone we started talking. She didnt understand what more she could give to the woman. I said, "Its a balloon, balloons break."

So as we were talking I told her some people just have to be mad about something. If the woman on the phone had a special needs child or was told her kid was going to die maybe a balloon wouldn't be so important. The cashier agreed and told me that she has a brain tumor. Her doctors gave her six months that was a year and a half ago. Little things like balloons breaking dont bother her anymore.

You know traveling this road of having a child with special needs is often a hard one, but I thank God He chose me to be Noah's mom. Being Noah's mom makes me look at things differently. The little annoyances that happen during the day arent major things. They dont make or break me. I dont freak out when a balloon I buy deflates. I understand that balloons deflate.

I love my life. I wish that other people could be as blessed as I am. I wish everyone could experience life with a special kid. God gives you a supernatural strength to get through the day. You are also privy to miracles. I like that having a child with special needs has changed my perspective. My kid coloring on the wall is not the end of the world, my house not in perfect order is not gonna kill me, having some dishes in the sink is okay, blowing bubbles in your milk doesnt make me scream.

I love the way my children are growing up as well. I love the smile on Noah's face when he does something for the first time, even if that is turning off the dvd player in the middle of a movie. I love that my girls get excited when Noah does something new. I love how affectionate they all are with each other.

Our life is awesome it really is. We all have issues and problems we are going through and should be mindful of that. But gain a little perspective too. A broken balloon isnt worth making someone else feel bad especially someone who had no control over the balloon in the first place.

Be blessed

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  1. That's a great perspective to have & you are doing a great job!