"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Noah's Ear Tubes

This morning I got up at 4am and got ready to take Noah to get his new ear tubes. Surgery was set for 730am but we had to be there by 6. Leaving at 5am I still didn't arrive until about 610am. I got him in his gown and covered him with a blanket and rocked him. He was almost asleep when they brought in the giggle medicine. I gave it to him and he just laid back and relaxed even more.

Right before they took him back he was laughing and laughing it was so cute. A nurse came in and carried him to the OR.
The surgery was suppose to be like an hour total. First the ear tubes, then the doctor would come out and talk to me. That part would take a couple minutes. The hearing test would take longer. So I waited. While I waited I was reading Lorraine Patterson's book about her daughter Chrissie. A must read. Then I started to get worried because it had been 30 mins, then 45 then an hour. All the while I am reading a bok about a little girl's heroic fight to boss her heart. So now its been over an hour and I am just imagining the doctor doing chest compressions on Noah or walking toward me with his head hung low. I'm praying and praying and a nurse walked by and I ask about Noah. She said she would call the OR. Then she went down the hall. Another 15 minutes..... Another nurse walked by...She could tell I was worried I guess because she said as a mom she would be worried to and thats why she went right back to the OR to see what was going on.  She didnt tell me what the hold up was but she did say he was perfect.

Thank you Lord. I don't want to be in that one club...you know the one. The one no one wants to be in. I couldn't bare it.  So the whole thing took about 90 mins I think. The doctor came in and said the left ear was clogged he took wax and skin cells out and then removed the very clogged tube. He said behind the tube was a lot of mucus so he suctioned that all out and replaced the tube. Then he went to the right ear which was fine, no mucus or anything. He replaced that tube as well.

After that they did the hearing test. The reason the doctor didnt come out to talk to me was he was watching them do the hearing test. What he told me next I honestly never in my wildest dreams imagined. "Your son has mild hearing loss." 
Shock! What? What does that mean? It means we schedule another hearing test to confirm and then fit him for hearing aides. 

I scheduled the appointments and then Noah came wheeling in. Apparently he wanted to keep the mask they use to put him under and persuaded the staff to oblige him.

They said he would be cranky but he wasnt. He was fine. He had to drink apple juice in order to leave and he did but threw it right up. My poor boy. 

So right now we don't know anything. Does he hear me? How much? He dances so he must hear music, how loud do I have to be? Next test is 5/21 at 2 and then see the dr at 3. Some people were really upset for us, but I am not. I know ASL, need a refresher but still know it, he is healthy and alive. I don't care if he has to wear hearing aides to hear. I just am grateful I get to keep my baby. Everything else is minor.

Be blessed


  1. Angela has a moderate to severe bilateral hearing loss and has been wearing aids since she was a year old. I'm pretty sure at my next visit I'll be getting fit with my own set since I have a mastoid infection and terrible tinnitus that doesn't change (and is usually indicative of nerve damage.) Hearing aids really aren't that big of a deal. No more than glasses are. Even with Angela's level of hearing loss she talks incessantly! I've worked with so many kids with hearing loss over the years (I used to be an ASL interpreter) it's just normal around our house, kind of like DS. LOL

  2. My husband has moderate to major hearing loss...(55% loss) but hearing aides are so expensive, we just TALK REAL LOUD to him. I joke, because I want you to know that's ALL IS WELL! <3 God Bless Noah! <3

  3. I'm so glad the surgery went well. He looks good! He may do ok at the next hearing test. We will be praying.