"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Writers block

Yes I am still here. I just seem to have a bit of writers block.

How about a Noah update? I dunno if I mentioned this but Noah had a 2 pound weight gain in 2 weeks. This is awesome! He has never had a 2lb gain ever so this is just so wonderful. He has reverted back to not eating once again. We are on week 3 of refusing all things by mouth. Thank God for his gtube! He has started vomiting again. Surprisingly though I didnt freak out like I thought I would. I wasnt devastated or anything, Im just to busy to have any feelings on the subject. We think the vomit is due to the phlegm. Praying he is better soon.

We have had my grandmother staying with us for awhile so we have been sight seeing and what not. I tend to keep everyone in during the day because it is so hot out. Paul and I had planned a trip back to Pa but canceled it. We dont feel like spending all that money to go back to somewhere we lived all our lives.

Im gonna get real honest for a brief minute. We dont like Pennsylvania. Both of us have been over stressed for weeks dreading this long trip back. Paul developed a twitch in his eye and I overate and am honestly a bit depressed. I wish I could go into more detail but I cant right now. If you want to know more you can leave a comment with your email address and I can write you an email. So anyways we tried to figure out what to do. Paul decided that he would drive gram back in a tiny rented car. It would save money and save a 40 hr trip with 5 kiddos! Please pray for him as he makes the journey back and forth. After he gets home we will be taking a break. We decided not to answer the phone or talk to anyone for about a week. We need this. We need to live here in Texas as a family without well without Pa. Since we moved here we have had Pa people coming down or me going up. Its time to be here by ourselves for awhile. We are looking forward to a quiet and low key holiday season. We just need a break. Enough about that.

So we went to the botanical gardens and stockyards. I took the kids and gram on a field trip to the botanical gardens again(because I had a shoot I had to do) and then on to the Log cabin village. I like that place. The kids love that place. I cant wait to go there in the winter when it is cooler. It was very educational. I got 2 books for the kids to read, they are a bit too old for them now but they are about Texas history. The one was on a woman named Cynthia Ann Parker. When she was 9 she was taken by Comanche indians. She spent the next so many years with them, married the chief and had 3 kids. Her and her daughter were and returned to her family. She was never allowed to go back to see her Comanche family. Her daughter died of the flu or something and then Cynthia Ann starved herself to death. There is way more to that story but it was awesome! She never got to be truly free to decide for herself what she wanted. Can you imagine a woman now a days not being able to do what she want? Anyways we will be going back in the fall. Trin got sick while we were there I think the heat was to blame in part so we will not be going out until it gets under 110!

This past Sunday we went to ole South pancake house. Awesome! You must go if you are local. Try the german pancake. Oh Em Gee!We drive by the horses to see how they are. I cant wait to ride. Soon, I hope. Anyways we mostly stay in. So what else is new? Oh school...

The kids are in their 3rd week of school. Its going. This week wont be that great but we will get back in teh swing of it all soon. I plan to take a lot more field trips. I am thinking about the Alamo for a field trip. We are also planning to go to the Gulf of Mexico for Aj's 3rd bday. I cant wait. Something to look forward too. We will be going away soon too I hope. We are in the beginning stages of planning it right now so Ill tell more when I want to.

So thats about it. We are all here, all doing well. Hoping to settle down soon. I am looking forward to our first year here in Texas.

Be blessed


  1. Embrace your new home. Love your new home. While fond memories are wonderful to have, there is nothing to be gained from looking back and holding on to the past. You will all build wonderful, new memories through your lives and experiences in the years to come. Embrace them. We hope to join you soon :)

  2. If you go to the gulf you should stop in Houston and take the kids to NASA. It is very educational and interesting.

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