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You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Friday, August 26, 2011

Busy Life = not much blog updating!

Sorry. Things here are CRAZY right now. We are starting a new school year, I am teaching 4 this year. School is going well but this week its been here and there. We will get it though.

Noah is regressing in his therapy with ST. She works on the oral motor. Its been going on 4 weeks of no eating by mouth at all! Sigh. The therapist told me that insurance may begin to question the need for therapy if he is constantly regressing. Well, heres the thing..Noah hasnt been feeling well and when Noah doesnt feel well he refuses to eat. Thank God we have the gtube! I cant say that enough. I understand what she is saying though. She said we had to take him to the doctor. Ugh! That is a thorn in my flesh lately. We do not have a ped. They keep refusing us. I know the right doctor is out there and will continue to pray for God to lead us to them. I didnt want to take Noah to the ER because it was unnecessary and too many germs for a baby with a compromised immune system. So I decided to take him to a clinic that accepts walk ins. I like them in and out no questions.

The doctor was nice. She requested bloodwork to see how Noahs immune system is I guess before sending us to another specialist. We have to take him maybe next week for that. She said that his ear was a little pink but she didnt know if it was infected so to be sure he is on antibiotics and ear drops. I will do it this time but I know what cures an ear infection is a chiropractor and great adjustment not antibiotics. I dont want him over medicated. I am bummed he may have an ear infection even though he has tubes. All in all the visit was good. Noah is fine.

Paul and I were talking and we feel like the diagnosis of Trisomy 8 should be enough for therapists and insurance to understand that at times we will have setbacks!

Noah just got a new PT. We really like her! She did so much in that one session it was amazing. So much better than ECI. Dont get me wrong I liked the therapist but per ECI rules they were only allowed to come 2x a month and werent allowed to bring anything equipment wise in there. The new therapy comes 8x a month and brings stuff. I am one happy mama.

Noah is one happy baby too! He is really doing so well overall. He is learning many new things like how to spit at me when he doesnt want something. Ha! He is walking a lot more, still prefers crawling but he is standing and walking first until he falls then crawls after. Noah has learned to scream to get what he wants, well having 4 dramatic sisters I knew it was bound to happen. We are trying to teach him to use his words or signs. I really need to sign with him more. He can sign more but thats it. He can push his firetruck ride on toy backwards! He now laughs when things are funny like on TV or his sisters or his dad, he is a jokester and will crack himself and all of us up! Oh and he dances!!! I know some of this may not seem like much to some moms but to those of us who are special moms you get why I am so excited right?

Anyways..we hope to very soon go on a magical vacation! No not Disney Land but somewhere just as awesome! I can't wait to see how he does. I hope he is feeling much better by then. I will write more later. I will leave you with some cuteness :)

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Be blessed

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