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Friday, August 10, 2012


AJ will be 4 in 2 months and the girl refuses to potty train. She cant even stay dry over night. I need some help. We tried a timer. As long as the timer was going off she would go if it wasnt she didnt. Then we tried candy. She would only go if she got a piece of candy and then she would go 15x in 5 mins just to get the candy. When I told her she gets 2 for pooping she forced herself to poop.

Im seriously at a loss. I successfully potty trained 3 kids before her. What the heck?! And what about the peeing and pooping overnight? HELP!!!!!! Please!

I want to potty train Noah and Micah but have no idea how to potty train boys or boys with SN.

Can someone help? Thanks!

Be blessed


  1. My Matalie (4 in 2 weeks) has some issues with PT. Some of it is due her chronic constipation, the rest is pure stubbornness. If you find out a good way, let me know! I have never trained a girl with normal potty...physiology. They have all had chronic constipation despite numerous tests and a high fiber/low junk diet. We have to use miralax.

  2. Does she have any tone issues? Also from a mom of four she wont go to college in diapers and sometimes when we relax the relax and it breaks the power control cycle. I know it gets old but try to remember there are many families who will never have kids to potty train or kids that because of a disability will never be potty trained. For our girl we used a sticker chart. Have you heard of the 24 hour potty training party? Basically you clear out the house for 24 hours just you and her give her big girl panties you will give her your full attention no phone or computer ect. You have her go every fifteen minutes like you where and give her a treat but also have her make a list of people to call and tell about her grand achievement if she doesn't go in fifteen minutes then you will want to do it sooner like five min or ten min intervals. Lots of drinks and salty snacks like popcorn chips ect. The idea is to get her to drink a lot so that she realizes those signals to potty better. The salty food make her thirsty and your undivided attention helps her focus on the task at hand.