"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In an instant

We went to Hurst to see fireworks. Charidy lost her ring and while we were all looking for it Noah wandered off. In a sea of thousands he was gone in an instant. I was terrified. Five of us adults all went off to look for him. I ran to the staff. My son is missing...did I really just say that? He's in a red shirt and blue shorts, he's two, but he is tiny so he will look like a baby. Noah. Noahs his name..he has a grown in mohawk and a gtube. Lord please no matter what keep him safe. God bring him back. Walk beside him. Stay with him until we find him. The man said he's two he couldn't have gotten far, stay with me I have the police coming. I turn around into an ocean of red shirts and blue shorts. Why wasn't I more careful? I know he wanders. I saw Pauls dad..no noah...where's my husband..Lord please. I want to drop to my knees but I need to find him. I turn and see the girls Trinitys hand is over her mouth, charidys crying. She must blame herself we were looking for her ring. My eyes scan the crowd why God why can't I see my boy? This can't be how it ends. Please Lord. Please. Someones calling my name...who...he's got him...he's got him...where? Where? Thank you Lord. Paul got him. He wanted to dance and a woman found him and was holding him by the stage. 50 yards. That's how far he got. 50 yards in minutes. Now I have to let my grip loosen. I have to sit before my shakey legs fall out from underneath me. I have to go comfort my crying kids.
Thank you God

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  1. So glad you found him quickly (although I know it seemed like such a long time!). Kids do move so quickly!
    My son disappeared on me in FAO Shwartz in NYC - among the toys just a few feet from the front door leading onto Fifth Avenue...a major NYC crowded street. It took ALL my strength and will to hold back my tears and focus on finding him!
    I was never so afraid in my life - so I have an idea what you were feeling....SO HAPPY it turned out fine! Hugs to your girls!