"Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute,
You didn't grow under my heart - but in it"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breaking Down Stereotypes

Today I decided I needed a day out. I got the kids ready and off we went to Children's Place. The kids were just awesome while we were out. I am so grateful for good kids. I decided we would head over to the second hand store to see if they had anything for the kids.

Got all 5 kids out. 2 in the stroller 3 walking. We walk in and are greeted by 2 older people a man and a woman. They stopped us.

Woman: "Oh wow you have your hands FULL!"

Me: "A little bit"

Woman: "Are they ALL yours?"

Me: "Yup"

Man: "All biological?" (Thats a first!)

Me: "4 are. one is adopted."

Man: "Oh I think thats so good."

Woman: "Which one?"

Me: " You tell me?"

Woman and Man look over all the kids. They tell them to turn around adn look at them. "Hmmmmmm....Her!" They pointed to AJ.

Me: "LOL No. Our son is."

Woman: "Is he the youngest? How long have you had him? Do you know his mom?"

Me: I must be in a good mood because I didnt take offence to not being considered my son's mama. "Yes he is, he's 19 months old. We have had him since he was 3 months old. Yes we all know his birthmom and she is wonderful, we will see her next week in fact."

Woman:"Is she a teenager?"

Me: Sigh..." No...well kind of."

Woman:" so did he just fall into your lap, how did this happen?"

Me: Well when 2 peeople get together...no I didnt say that. Lol. I spoke about how we lost our child is Russia and then found Noah "He's a gladney baby."

Woman: "OH A GLADNEY BABY! Have you been there? Its beautiful. Did you know the girls that are pregnant can live there? Its a wonderful place!"

Me: "Yes we go there quite often."

Man: "How much is it to adopt a child in Russia?"

Me: " 30,000 without travel"

Man:"Oh my goodness...really? That much. WOW!"

Me: "Yep. If it's God's will its God's bill."

The man was talking about that and other things and then he ask why the kids werent in school. I said they were homeschooled and then he said well you must be really really smart. To which I replied, no I just trust God will work it all out and provide for us. He looked at me speechless and then he said

"I am so glad you said that so glad! You are such a wonderful person I dont know you but I know you are."

Then I must have turned my arm a certain way unknowing to me. The man looks at me and says " And you have a tattoo."

The way he said it almost sounded surprising like he was shocked I could be nice, trust God, adopt, have a brood of kids AND have a tattoo. I was fearful of where this may lead but hey not like I havent heard it all before. Then he shocked me. He told me last year when he turned 73 he went and got his first tattoo. LOL

He said he wanted to hug me so I obliged and went on to buy about all the kids clothes they had there as they were 1.00!

What a great day though. People never cease to surprise me. I hope that people who look at me can see this homeschooling, adoptive, tattooed mama can still love Jesus more than life itself.

Be blessed

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  1. It was a God thing! A divine moment for you to run into these people. I bet you made their day!